Manage Email, Phone, and Address Types

System roles needed: System Admin

VenueOps allows you to assign types to email addresses and phone numbers of accounts and contacts. System admins can set up these types as they like. To update the lists of types:

  1. Click on your name in the upper left corner and select System Admin to access the Admin console.
  2. Click list Misc.
  3. Click Email Types, Phone Types, or Address Types.
  4. Emails, phones, and addresses have separate types for accounts and contacts. Click the edit pencil for the list you want to edit to open its slider.
  5. In the slider, you can:
    • Edit the name of an existing type.
    • Click + Add Email Type, + Add Phone Type, or + Add Address Type to create a new type.
    • Click the delete trash icon to remove a type.
  6. When you're done updating the types, click Save.