Create an Estimate

You can generate estimates from VenueOps that display the list of all charges for your event, typically broken out by departments and itemized. The estimate does not have any operational details. It's normally sent by the event manager to the client so they have an up-to-date estimate on the final cost of the event.

This article will walk you creating an estimate for an event in VenueOps. The estimate will be created from a custom document template. If you do not have any estimate templates created, please contact us and we'll work with you to get those set up!

To create an estimate:

  1. On the event details page, go to Financials > Summary. Click the download icon to open the Preview Estimate slider
  2. If your account only has one estimate template, it will automatically be selected. If you have multiple templates, click into the template field to select an estimate and click Preview.
  3. If No data available appears, please contact us so we can create an estimate template for your account.
  4. Click the download button to save your document.
  5. Using a different browser? See Using PDF Preview.