Void an Invoice

Permissions needed: Invoices > Edit

Instead of deleting invoices, they are marked Void in Momentus Elite. This allows you to keep a historical record of them, which also works well with the activity log.

  • All charges, payments, credits, and refunds will be removed from the invoice.
  • You cannot void an invoice that has been marked sent.
  • You cannot void a deposit invoice that has been allocated to a final invoice.

To void an invoice:

  1. Open the invoice details slider from the:
    1. Click Financials.
    2. Click the invoice you want to void.
    1. Click Financials.
    2. Click Invoices.
    3. Click the invoice you want to void.
    1. Go to the event's details page.
    2. Click the right arrow.
    3. Click Exhibitors.
    4. Click the Exhibitors sub-tab.
    5. Click the exhibitor to open the Exhibitor slider.
    6. In the Exhibitor slider, click the invoice you want to void.
  2. In the slider, click the more_vert menu icon.
  3. Click Void.
  4. A warning will appear reminding you that voiding the invoice will remove all allocations to it. Confirm the warning to void the invoice.

Your invoice is now void. By default, voided invoices will not appear in the list. You can click the eye icon to toggle whether they are visibility shown or visibility_off hidden.