Copy a Day's Functions to Other Days

Permissions needed: Detailing > Edit

VenueOps allows you to copy multiple functions on a single day to multiple days within an event. It may be easier to build out one function or a day full of functions, then copy it to other days. This makes building out your functions faster and easier, especially for events that have similar functions happening from day to day.

If you want to copy a function within the same day, please see Copy Details from a Function to New or Existing Functions.
  1. Go to the detailing tab and click the file_copy icon beside the date you are copying to open the Copy Day slider.
  2. Choose which functions to copy.
  3. Select which details to copy. Departments that have items or instructions added to function are selected by default. Click the X next to departments to remove them individually or the X on the right to remove them all. Click into the field to open the list of departments to choose from.
  4. Check the box to copy attendance if needed.
  5. Check the box to copy function staff assignments if needed.
  6. Choose which days to copy details to.
  7. Save your changes.

If you try to copy a function to a target date that is outside of the booked space, you will be warned, but you will still be able to save. An orange warning warning icon will appear next to the function.