★ Tracking Changes

We track specific changes to your event and account data in the Global Activity Log. We also track time-sensitive changes to function details via the Detail Change Tracking feature. These changes can be viewed within VenueOps. Email notifications are available for specific activity log changes. You may also send a notification to users about changes to functions from the event details page.

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Global Activity Log vs. Detail Change Tracking

We track changes to your data in two places: the Global Activity Log and in the function change log via our Detail Change Tracking feature. While there is some information overlap in these logs, each have a specific purpose which defines what is tracked and how.

We track changes to your event and account data in the Global Activity Log. Each event and account has an activity log which lists its changes, and changes across both events and accounts can be viewed on the global Activity Log page. The Global Activity Log allows a big picture overview of what has happened in your account.

Detail Change Tracking is a zoomed-in, specific-purpose feature. With detail change tracking you are able to track time-sensitive changes to your functions, items, and instructions and then view those changes via the function change log and the Operations Daily View. Detail change tracking allows your staff members to see late changes to functions, items, and instructions that affect the preparation and execution of events — those changes that often happen after your Ops team has printed their event orders.

In summary:

Global Activity Log Detail Change Tracking
Viewed on the event or account level Viewed on the function level
Always on Must be enabled by the System Admin and only tracks changes on functions with the Ready status
General tracking of changes Fills a specific need to see time-sensitive changes
List of what is tracked List of what is tracked

Because Detail Change Tracking only tracks changes once the function is at the Ready status, certain "big picture" function activity (such function creation and all status changes) will only be seen at the event level. Some activity is tracked in both places to allow that information to be seen in both on both the Global Activity Log page and the Operations Daily View. Items and instructions are tracked only at the function level. Remember: the Activity Log is a zoomed out, big picture view and Detail Change Tracking is a zoomed in, specific-needs view.

About the Activity Log

Each log consists of a summary of the change, the date and time of the change, and who made the change.

What changes are tracked?

A list of all changes is available in What is tracked in the activity log?

How do I view the activity log for an account or event?

To view an event or account's activity log, go to its details page. In the upper-right corner of the header, click the more_vert three-dot menu and select Activity Log.

How do I view changes made across my account?

The Global Activity Log page will allow you to view all changes made across your account. You are able to filter by the date the actions were taken, who took the action, specific actions taken, and venue. You are also able to save this filtering to custom views, allowing you to view the information you wish to see when you want to see it without subscribing to email notifications. The logs can also be exported to Excel. For sample views, see the Activity Log Gallery.

Click on a log to view the information and access a link to the related event, function, or account.

For more details, please see Global Activity Log.

About Detail Change Tracking

Each change log consists of a summary of the change, the date and time of the change, and who made the change. On the function change log, each change is listed:

On the operations view, the before and after are listed, followed by the date, time, and person who made the change:

What changes are tracked?

A list of all changes is available in What is tracked in event detail change tracking?

How do I view changes?

On the event details page, go to the detailing tab and click the name of a function. In the function details slider, click the more_vert more info menu and select Change Log.

On the Operations View, click the published_with_changes change filter icon and select whether you would like to show the changes along with all other information, or only show the changes (filtering out functions without changes). You'll be able to set a time frame for the changes you'd like to see: changes in the last 24 hours, last 12 hours, etc.

For more details, please see Track Changes to Event Details.


Activity Log

Certain actions tracked in the activity log have corresponding email notifications. Click on your name in the upper-left corner and select My Settings to access your email settings and subscribe. Note that not all tracked changes are available as email notifications.

More information and step-by-step instructions are available in Email Notifications About Activity in Your Account.

Detail Change Tracking

If you have made late changes to functions and want to let staff members know right away, you are able to send them an email the event name, event date, who made the change, and a link to the Operations Daily View, where the changes can easily be viewed.

On functions with a Ready status, click on the more_vert more info icon and click Send Change Notification. Add a subject, message, and select staff to receive the email.