Create a Custom Activity Log View

Permissions needed:

  • Edit Private Saved Views or Edit Shared Saved Views to create the view
  • Activity Log to access the page
  1. Click find_in_page Activity Log on the left.
  2. Customize your view via the filtering options.

    Click the filter_list filter icon to open the Filters slider.

    Click for context

    In the slider, you can:

    1. Filter to only show actions taken within the selected time period. The options are:
      • Past 7 Days
      • Past 30 Days
      • All Days
      • Custom (Set your own start and end date)
    2. Filter to only show actions performed by the selected users.
    3. Filter to only show specific actions. For a full list of available options, please see What is tracked in the activity log?
    4. Filter to only show actions for events within the selected venues. If your account only has one venue, this field will not appear.

    Once your filters are set, click Set.

  3. Click the + plus icon to open the Create View slider.
  4. In the slider, name your view. You have the option to:
    1. Create a private view, which only you can see. (If you have Edit Private Shared Views permission, this is the only type of view you can create.)
    2. Create a shared view. To share a view, uncheck Private and select the roles which should have access. Be sure to select your own role, or you won't be able to see the view!
    3. Check Default view to make the shared view a default view for those roles.
    4. Lock the view. If you're sharing the view, we recommend locking it so others cannot change it accidentally. To make changes to a locked view, you will first need to unlock it.
  5. When you're done setting up the view, click Save.

Your new view will now be the selected view.

If you make any additional updates to your view, the Save and Clear icons will appear. Click the save save icon to save your changes or the clear clear icon to remove them.