Add an Instruction Set to an Event

Permissions needed: Detailing > Edit

Instruction sets allow you to add a group of several instructions to an event at once. This can be helpful when you have a group of instructions that are usually added to an event together or may have pre-filled descriptions.

  1. Go to the Detailing tab on your event and click the name of the function that you want to add the instruction set to.
  2. In the function details slider, click the instruction set icon.
  3. Click in the Instruction Set field and select the set you want to add.
  4. All instructions in the instruction set you selected are listed. Un-check any instructions you don't want to add to your event.
  5. When you've updated the instructions, click Save.

Your instruction set has been added to the function.

You can add multiple instruction sets by repeating the steps outlined above.