★ Global Activity Log

Permissions needed:

  • Activity Log to access the page
  • To access event logs, view access to the venue is needed
  • Payments & Credits > View or Edit for payment, credit, and refund logs
  • Invoices > View or Edit for invoice logs.

The global Activity Log page allows you to view all tracked changes made across your account. You are able to filter by the date the actions were taken, who took the action, specific actions taken, and venue. You are also able to save this filtering to custom views, allowing you to view the information you wish to see when you want to see it without subscribing to email notifications. The logs can also be exported to Excel.

To see a list of the specific actions which are tracked, please see What is tracked in the activity log?
Who can view the activity log?

Any user with view access to an event will be able to see its activity log. Financial logs are viewed on the associated account. First, the user will need to have Accounts & Contacts > View or Edit to access the account details page. Access to the logs is controlled by more specific permissions. A user must have Invoice > View or Edit to see invoice logs, and a user must have Payments & Credits > View or Edit to see payment, credit, and refund logs.

These permissions also apply to the global Activity Log page: users will only be able to view logs they have permission to. The Activity Log permission simply gives access to the page, not the logs.

Note that if users do not have permission to view hidden event details, event and function names with the Hide Event Details setting on will be hidden on the global Activity Log page.

Accessing the Activity Log

To access the Activity Log, click find_in_page Activity Log on the left.

The page will load either the default view or the last view you used. The system default view includes all changes made in all venues in the last seven days. You may also have a custom default view assigned to your user role. For more information about custom default views, see Create a Default View.

For each log you are able to view:

  1. When the action was taken
  2. Who took the action
    • Any actions taken by EB staff in the course of training or support will be listed as being done by the System user.
  3. What action was taken
  4. More details about the action
  5. The event or account associated with the action

Click a log to open its details slider. In addition to viewing the log details, the associated function, event, or account will be linked.

You are also able to:

Change Your View and Filter Settings

Click your current view in the upper-left corner to open the list of views available to you, then select the one you want to use.

If you have either the Edit Private Saved Views or Edit Shared Saved Views permission, you can also adjust specific filter settings by clicking the filter_list filter icon in the upper-right corner.

You may filter by:

  1. The date range for the changes you'd like to view. Note this is the date range of the change, not the date of the event.
  2. Who took the action
  3. Specific actions
  4. For event logs, you may filter by the event's venue

Your filter settings can also be saved to a custom view. Please see Create a Custom Activity Log View for step-by-step instructions and detailed filtering information.

Export the Activity Log to Excel

To export the activity log to Excel, click the cloud_download download icon in the upper-right corner.

When exported, the Timestamp column will only display the date. If you need to view the time of an action, choose a date/time format in Excel which includes the time.