Send a Post-Show Report

Permissions needed: Live Entertainment > Revenues, Ticketing, and Post-Show Report Documents > View
  1. Click the Live Entertainment tab > Performances.
  2. Click the performance you want to send a post-show report for.
  3. Click the mail envelope icon.
  4. Select a template. If you need additional templates, please contact us.
  5. Click in the Recipients field and enter a contact name. As you type, contacts will start to appear. Select a contact or contact group, or enter the complete email address if they are not in your contact database.

    If you add a new recipient, click Add Recipient to Email. You can enter as many recipients as you would like.

    All recipients will be in the "To" field, not the "bcc" field. Recipients will be able to see each other's contact information.
  6. Send a copy to me will be checked by default. We recommend leaving this checked - you will be cc'd on the email and have a copy for your records.
  7. Add a subject (required). This will appear in the subject line of the email.
  8. Add a message. This will be the body of the email.
  9. When all information is complete, click Send.

The post-show report will be sent.