Configure Post-Show Reports and Ticket Scaling

Permissions needed:
  • To enter Live Entertainment information: Live Entertainment > Edit
  • To manage performance functions: Detailing > Edit

Post-show reports allow you to track ticket counts, associated revenue, attendance types, and note sets that will automatically aggregate for the entire event.

  1. Click the Live Entertainment tab > Set Live Details.
  2. If you do not see the Live Entertainment tab on the event, the selected event type might not be designated as Live Entertainment. For more information about event types, please see Adding, Editing, and Removing Event Types.
  3. Click the Performances tab.
  4. Click Set Performance Configuration. If no functions have been flagged as performances, you'll prompted to do so. See Performances for more information.
  5. Click Set Ticket Scaling.
  6. In the Set Ticket Scaling slider:
    1. Enter the name for the ticket set.
    2. Remove a column.
    3. Add a column.
    4. Set the price for all performances for a column.
    5. Set the price for each performance.
  7. When you're done setting ticket scaling, click Save return to the Set Performance Configuration slider.
  8. You can now:
    • Select Attendance Types.
    • Select Revenue Types.
    • Select Note Sets.
    • Click the clear clear icon in the chip to remove a selection.
    • Click the clear clear icon to clear an entire field.
    • Click Save.
    • You cannot edit the ticket scale price or name once it is in use on a post-show report.
  9. Your post-show report has been configured and now information can be added.