★ Post-Show Reports

Permissions needed:
  • To set up information types: Sys Admin
  • To manage performance functions: Detailing > Edit
  • To configure performances and add information: Live Entertainment > Edit

You are able to capture information about each of your performances: ticket sales, attendance, and revenue, as well as general event notes such as the weather, any incidents, and feedback from event staff. This information is then pulled into a custom template to create a post-show report, which can be downloaded or emailed from VenueOps. Ticket sales, attendance, and revenue amounts can also be reported on via Insights Reports and Dashboards.


The first step in tracking performance information is to set up the specific information you wish to track in three areas: attendance, revenue, and general notes. In the Sys Admin area, you'll be able to create:

  • Attendance types: Track the actual footfall for each performance. You can have one general attendance category, or break it out as needed (such as student, staff, etc.). Note that you'll be able to set up ticket scaling on the event itself to track ticket sale and comp counts.
  • Revenue types: Track ticket sales, concession revenue, merchandise revenue, etc. We will auto-calculate per-cap information by dividing each revenue type by the total attendance.
  • Note sets: Create note sets to easily capture performance information and notes.

For more information:

Configuring Performances on an Event

In order to configure performances, there must be functions marked as performances on the event. Please see Performances for more information.

Once you've set up your types, you'll be able to configure your performances on specific events. On the Live Entertainment tab, you'll be able to set up ticket scaling and select the attendance, revenue, and note sets that you would like to report on for this event.

For more information, see Configure Post-Show Reports and Ticket Scaling.

Adding Performance Post-Show Information

Once performances are configured, you can begin to add information. Click on a performance to add, edit, or view information. For step-by-step instructions, please see Manage Post-Show Reports for Performances.

Once all information is complete, download or send a post-show report. If you don't have a post-show report template set up on your account, please contact Client Success.

For more information: