Manage Post-Show Reports for Performances

Permissions needed to add information:
  • Attendance and Notes: Live Entertainment > Edit
  • Ticket Counts and Revenue: Revenues, Ticketing, and Post-Show Report Documents > Edit

This article assumes that your event has functions that are marked as performances and has had post-show reporting and ticket scaling configured. If not, please see these articles for more information:

  1. Go to the event's details page.
  2. Click the right arrow if needed.
  3. Click Live Entertainment.
  4. Click Performances.
  5. Open the post-show report slider:
    • For a performance without an existing post-show report, click No Post-Show Report Entered.
    • For a performance that already has a post-show report, click View Post-Show Report
  6. In the slider, you can add or update:
    • Revenue
      Our recommended best practice is to enter net amounts in the revenue fields; gross amounts can be reported from the POS or ticketing system. If you wish to track costs in VenueOps, enter the gross revenue in the post-show report. Costs can then be tracked via the Additional Revenue/Expense feature. See Additional Revenue and Expenses for instructions to add the costs.
    • Ticket Counts
    • Attendance
    • Notes
    • For best practices for using attendance and ticket counts together, please see Track Attendance.
    • Click the edit edit pencil. A slider opens where you can edit your information. Click Save when you're done.
    Please note that the only fields that you selected options for in the Set Performance Configuration slider are displayed.

The Totals section will consolidate the information from each of the event's performances to give you an overall view. The per cap amounts for each revenue type is calculated by dividing the revenue type's total by the total event attendance.