Publishing Your Calendar

You are able to view your VenueOps calendar in an external calendar application such as Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple Calendar via an iCal feed. You are also able to use this feed to share your calendar with people who are not VenueOps users.

The event name, time, and rooms will display on the calendar. You may choose to share additional information as well - this will display in the event's description. Which information is shared is determined by the settings in the calendar view you are sharing. Please see this article for information about creating a custom calendar view. A couple notes:

  • If an event has the "hide details from non-bookers" setting on, only the date/time, rooms, status, contract status, and event type will be included in the ical feed, no matter the calendar settings.
  • All day events will have times in the feed -- 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM for most accounts or your account start of day if you have customized it. If you have customized your account start of day, all day events will span the actual days they are on in certain external calendars: they will span in Outlook, but not in Google.

Publishing your Calendar

To publish your calendar:

  1. Select the view which you would like to share from the drop down in the upper left corner of your calendar. Please note that you cannot share your Default View - you will need to create a custom view (see this article for instructions).
  2. Click the settings gear to open the View Settings slider.
  3. In the View Settings slider, toggle the publish switch. Only users with the Sys Admin role will be able to enable iCal publishing (all users will be able to access the iCal link once enabled if the view is a shared view).
  4. Click Copy URL to clipboard. The feed URL will be saved to your clipboard and you may add it to your calendar application (see below) or share it with other people.
  5. Now that iCal is enabled, the view will be flagged. You can click the iCal badge to copy the link as well (users without access to the settings slider will need to do this).

Updating a Published View

If you would like to make changes to a published calendar, simply update the filtering or display options for the shared view and save the changes.

Disabling Access to a Published View

If you need to remove access to a published calendar view for any of the users using that view, you will need to disable iCal for the view; this will "kill" the link and stop any updates for external applications using that link. To re-share the same view, simply enable it again - a new link will be generated.

To disable an iCal link:

  1. Select the view you wish to disable. Click the settings gear to open the View Settings slider.
  2. In the View Settings slider, click Disable iCal.

Application-Specific Instructions for Calendar Publishing

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