Create a Contact Group

Permissions needed: Accounts & Contacts > Edit
  1. Click Contacts, then groups.
  2. Click the add_circle icon to open the Create Group slider.
  3. Enter a name for the contact group.
  4. Click No Contacts Selected to open the Select Contacts slider.
  5. Start typing the name of a contact you want to add in the search bar. Contacts containing what you typed start to appear.
  6. Click a contact to add them to the group.
    If you are going to use a contact group to send documents from VenueOps, the group cannot have more than 50 contacts. You can export a contact group of any size.
  7. The contacts you've added will appear in the right column. To remove a contact, click the red X next to their name in the right column, or click their name with the left-pointing red arrow in the left column.
  8. Click Save on the Select Contacts slider.
  9. Click Save on the Create Group slider.

Your contact group has been added.