★ Track Changes to Event Details

Permissions needed:

  • Operations to access the page
  • To access event details and changes, view access to the event's venue is needed

Event detail change tracking allows your staff members to see changes to functions, items, and instructions that affect the preparation and execution of events. These changes are visible on the Operations Daily View as well as in the function change log.

Event detail change tracking has a specific purpose: to allow your event staff to see late changes to events, so they know what they will need to update. Because of this, we only track detail changes once the function status is set to Ready. Changes made by the event coordinator as they do the initial planning of the event are not tracked.

In addition, event detail change tracking must be enabled on your account.


In order to track changes to your event details, the feature must be enabled by your account's System Admin. This is done in the System Admin area, on the Events > Detailing > Configuration tab.

Once detail change tracking is enabled, by default all functions will be created with a Planning status. Once a function has been detailed and the status is changed to Ready, then changes to the function or its items and instructions will be tracked.

For step-by-step instructions, please see Enable Event Detail Change Tracking.

Tracked changes

Once detail change tracking is enabled, certain changes to functions, items, and instructions are tracked. For a complete list of what is tracked, please see What is tracked in event detail change tracking?

Viewing changes on a specific function

You are able to view the change log for a specific function. On the event details > Detailing tab, click the function to open its details slider. Click the more_vert more info menu and select Change Log.

The changes made on the function will be listed from most recent to oldest.

Viewing changes across functions

The best place to view changes across functions is using the Operations View. This will allow you to see:

  • Only changed functions
  • Only specific changes
  • The relative changes for each change
  • All changes since a certain date/time

And the change filtering options work with the existing filtering options, so you'll be able to view changes specific to a room, department, or event. You'll also be able to save your change filtering options to a saved view, so you with one click you'll be able to view, for example, any changes in the past six hours.

Notifying of Changes

If you have made late changes to functions and want to let staff members know right away, you are able to send them an email the event name, event date, who made the change, and a link to the Operations Daily View, where the changes can easily be viewed. Since the Operations View is viewable on phones, this can be an effective workflow even for teams using paper event orders, especially paired with a custom view which only shows changed functions.

On functions with a Ready status, click on the more_vert more info icon and click Send Change Notification. Add a subject, message, and select staff to receive the email.