Batch Edit Functions

Permissions needed: Detailing > Edit

In the mass editor, you set a single value to update all the selected functions at once. Function fields that can be batch edited include:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Room
  • Function Name
  • Function Type
  • Function Status
  • Room setup
  • AGR, EXP, GTD attendance
  • Is Event-Wide
  • Show on Calendar
  • Is Performance

  1. Go to the Detailing tab of your event.
  2. Choose a function mass editor based on the functions you would like to edit:
    1. Click the list_alt mass edit icon in the Functions header to edit all functions for the event.
    2. Click the list_alt mass edit icon in the event-wide header to edit all event-wide functions on the event.
    3. Click the list_alt mass edit icon next to a date to edit the functions only for that day.
  3. Put the appropriate functions into edit mode:
    • Use the edit all icon to change all visible functions to edit mode. It will only appear if 50 or fewer functions are displayed. If more than 50 are displaying, you can search by name or room to display fewer functions.
    • Click a row to switch it from view to edit mode. (The edit pencil icon is there to show it can be edited, but you can click anywhere on the row to begin editing.)
  4. Click the library_add_check batch edit icon next to the field header you want to edit.
  5. In the Fill Column popup, enter your information and click Fill.
  6. Click Save on the function mass editor if you'd like to continue working, or click Save and Close to save your changes and close the function mass editor.
  7. Your functions have been updated.