Notify Staff of Event Detail Changes

Permissions needed: Detailing > Edit

You may want to notify your staff about last-minute changes to functions, items, and instructions that affect the preparation and execution of events — those changes that often happen after your Ops team has printed their event orders.

  • Event detail changes are not tracked automatically. The feature must be enabled on your account. Please see Track Changes to Event Details for more information.
  • Changes are only tracked on functions with a Ready status.
  1. On the event details page, click a function name to open its details slider.
  2. Click the more_vert more info menu and select Send Change Notification.
  3. In the Send Change Notification slider,
    1. Enter a subject.
    2. Enter a message. While a message is optional, we recommend adding a brief note pointing out the change to your recipients.
    3. Users assigned to the function via a function staff assignment will be pre-selected. Update the recipient list as needed. You can also search for users by name and select them.
    4. Click Send.
  4. Your notification has been sent. The email includes a link to the operations page on the day of the function, where you can see the changes. For more information about viewing changes on the operations page, please see Operations Daily View.