Apply an Overall Event Discount

Permissions needed:
  • Inventory & Prices > Edit to add the discount item to inventory
  • Detailing > Edit to add the discount item to the event
  • Finances > Edit Discounts to add the discount to the item

The standard discount workflow in VenueOps applies discounts to items — it does not discount the overall event. You are able to use the standard workflow to create an overall event discount, though, by using a discount inventory item. By creating a discount inventory item, you are able to select the correct GL code which those discounts should be allocated to.

  • If you wish to discount the event due to something which occurred during the event and items have already been invoiced, you may prefer to use an Event Adjustment. See Discounts and Adjustments: Reducing the Amount a Client is Charged for more information about scenarios where adjustments are used rather than discounts.
  • GL Codes: In this article we discuss GL codes for your discounts. We recommend adding them to the event discount item (as mentioned below), but they can also be added to the discount type itself. The best strategy for your account will depend on how you report these discounts. Please contact us if you would like to talk this through!
  • Service Charges: If service charges are set up on your account, they will always be applied the discounted amount, not the original amount.
  1. In your inventory, create an item to "hold" the discount. We recommend creating discount items in their own category and department. If you have different GL codes for different types of discounts, create a separate item for each one.
    For step-by-step directions, please see the Inventory & Prices section.
  2. Add the items to price schedules, but do not add a price. Select the correct GL code for each discount item.
    See Add and Edit Pricing for Inventory Items for instructions.
  3. On your event, add the appropriate discount item with a price of $0. We recommend adding it to an event-wide function.
    See Add Items to Functions for instructions.
  4. On the Financials > Details tab, add a flat discount in the amount you wish to discount the event by and select the discount item you added in the previous step. Note: If your discount type has a GL code selected, the discount will be allocated to it.
    See Discount Items for instructions.
  5. The item will be discounted by the appropriate amount... ...which thus discounts the event.