May 2021 Update: Packages, Spreedly, and SSO!

All users will need to reset their password on their first login after the release. Please see below for more information and a walk-through.

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Many venues sell a bundle of goods and services together. Packages allow you to create these bundles as first class concepts, set pricing as a package, and allocate to events as a package.

For more information about creating packages, adding pricing, and packages to events, please see About Inventory Packages. Be sure to contact us so that we can update your event orders, invoices, and other documents to display packages!

Login Updates and SSO

We are changing identity providers. Instead of validating your username and password in VenueOps, we will be using the dedicated Identity Platform, AWS Cognito. By using a specialized third-party service, we will be able to easily enforce stricter password requirements, allow multi-factor authentication, and also allow accounts to use Single Sign-on.

If you are interested in implementing Single Sign-on, please contact us for more details and pricing.

We are moving all login data to Cognito during the release, but we cannot move passwords. All users will need to set their passwords the first time they log in to VenueOps post-release. They can use the same password they had before! We created a short video so you can see this process before the release.

While we were updating the login processes, we were able to add multi-factor authentication (MFA) as an optional feature to all VenueOps users.

Payment Gateway Updates

We are now using Spreedly, a payments orchestration platform, to process all online payments. This change will facilitate our ability to add more payment gateways as needed. All accounts currently using payment processing, whether for the online payment portal or the online exhibitor store, will need to re-enter their payment gateway credentials after the release in order to accept payments.


  • You can now sort your inventory categories and items (in addition to departments). In your inventory library, click the new sort sort icon by either the categories header, or open the category slider and click the icon by the items header.
  • You are now able to add additional default information on items in your library. In addition to a default description, you can add a default quantity, unit count, and billing note, and set an item to unbillable by default. If needed, these defaults can be overridden on the event.
  • On the calendar summary slider, the function list will now be paginated. This was to address performance issues on events with a large number of functions.
  • Actions taken by EB Staff in your account (for troubleshooting, training, etc. as well as report and dashboard creation and editing) will now be labeled as done by System in the Activity Log.
  • We have added a secondary tax ID field to Accounts. This is not a required field, but is useful in locales which have two tax ID numbers. Be sure to establish in your venue which field contains which tax ID! While the fields cannot be renamed in VenueOps, they can be labeled with the ID name on any documents.


Outlook Plugin

The Outlook plugin has been decommissioned. We’ve encountered some compatibility issues for certain versions of Outlook that make it difficult for us to continue to support it. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Service charges and taxes are now grouped by ID rather than name in invoices and event details.
  • When updating event status on either of the series sliders while on the event details page, the status in the header did not update until you refreshed the page.
  • When the detailing page refreshed after changes to functions, the expand/collapse state was not remembered.
  • When copying details from one function to another, detail dates did not update to the new functions' dates.
  • When copying an event with no price schedule, instructions were not copied.
  • Canceled functions will no longer be listed on the event order tab in the Unassigned Details section, or in the list of functions when creating or editing an event order.
  • When copying an event from the event details page, you were not redirected to the new event.
  • We made sorting of items and instructions on the function details page and operations view consistent.
  • When a booked space is timed and crosses midnight, functions which also cross midnight showed as outside of booked space on the detailing tab.
  • If performances were added to an event after the live entertainment performance configuration was set, post-show information could not be added to the performance.
  • The Add Items slider failed to save if more than 30 distinct items were being added.
  • In the event details charges table, rental charges were showing as having a clickable function. That is now not clickable and is labeled as the description (from the booked space).
  • The usage field showed on the Edit Booked Space slider on accounts without usage.
  • If you clicked Save directly after adding a room setup to a function, the room setup would not save.
  • The tax exempt chip was not showing on the event details page for tax exempt accounts.
  • On iPhones, the function mass editor header row was transparent and could be clicked through.
  • On the contact details page, the Groups label shows even if the contact has no groups assigned.
  • The function date filter and the event order function filter will now have dates formatted according to the account's region setting.
  • If change tracking is not enabled, the change tracking settings icon will no longer display on the Operations view.
  • On the Edit Rental Rates slider, accounts without usage still had a column for usage in the header.
  • On the calendar, the Today button was not being translated.
  • On mobile, the header and information columns were not aligned on the Edit Rental Rates slider.
  • On inquiries, the detailing tab couldn't be loaded without errors.
  • Region decimal place settings were being applied to the discount percentage field when they shouldn't have been.
  • On initial day calendar load, the hour range in the saved view was not being displayed.
  • When accounts were merged, invoice schedule association was not retained.
  • Insights fixes:
    • Fixed is_general_instruction column in all instruction views.
    • vw_event_instructions did not pick up the correct dates entered for instructions on the event.
  • On the day mass editor, multi-day functions were loading the time the function ends on that day rather than the actual end time.
  • Unbillable items were listed in the discount select charges slider.
  • Add Item and Edit Item sliders: When no item dates were added, out of function warnings were not being displayed.
  • When creating a deposit invoice, the service charge tax amount was not included in the displayed balance.
  • A Chrome bug was causing cached PDF document to download from PDF preview; we added a workaround.

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