Create a Package

Permissions needed: Inventory & Prices > Edit

VenueOps allows you to create packages of various rooms, equipment, and services, so that you can bundle and sell these items together to simplify the experience for the client. Also, you can apply a package of commonly used items and services to save time when detailing an event.

The steps to add a package are:

Add Package Information

  1. Click your name in the upper-left corner.
  2. Click Inventory & Prices.
  3. Click the category you would like to add your package to.
  4. In the category's slider, click the + add icon to open the Create Package slider.
  5. In the Create Package slider:
    1. Enter the name of the package.
    2. Add a description. This can be displayed on proposals, contracts, invoices, and other document templates.
    3. Add a Client Note. This note can be displayed on document templates as well.
  6. When you open the slider, one component will be there already, click + Add Component to add additional ones.

Add Item Components

A component is a group of items or rooms that can be selected in a package. For example, you may have a catering package that includes an appetizer component, a main dish component, a desert component, and a beverage component, with each component including a set of relevant items. The catering package may also include a room component which includes a list of rooms, one of which can be selected for this event. When adding the package to an event, multiple items can be selected in item components, but only one room can be selected in a room component. This is not for booking space. You are only choosing a booked space to assign to a room component to match with the package for billing. You still need to book the rooms as you normally would for the event.

  1. Choose a component type.
    1. Select Items.
    2. Click the blue Select Items button.
  2. On the Add Items slider:
    1. Search for items by name.
    2. Filter items by category. You can add items from different categories and departments to a package.
    3. Click items to add them to this component of the package.
    4. Remove items by clicking the red X on the right side of the slider or clicking the item on the left side of the slider.
    5. Click Save when you are done adding items to this component.
  3. Complete the component's information:
    1. Choose a default item (Optional). The default item is automatically chosen for this component when the package is added to an event. Click X to remove the default. If you only add one item to a component, the default is automatically set to the lone item.
    2. Name the component. If you only add one item to a component, the component name is automatically set to the lone item.
    3. Enter a quantity per package. Select Attendance-dependent Quantity and enter an amount Per Attendee if you want to set a quantity per a certain number of attendees. For example, if the tables seat 8 people, you would enter 1 in the Quantity field and 8 for Per Attendee.
    4. Select Unbillable if you do not want these charges to appear on proposals, contracts, any addenda, or invoices.

Add Room Components

  1. Select Rooms.
  2. Click the blue Select Rooms button to open the Select Rooms slider.
  3. Select rooms and click Save.
  4. Choose a default room (Optional). It is automatically chosen for this component when the package is added to an event. If you only add one room to a component, the default is automatically set to the lone room.
  5. Name the component (required).

Complete your component

  1. Select Hide from Client if your team needs the items in the component, but do not want the client to see them (an internal-use-only item).
  2. Select Required if you want to require this component when you add this package to an event.
  3. Enter a description for the component.
  4. Enter a billing note that can appear on invoices. If you checked Unbillable, you can not type into this field.

Arrange, Copy, and Remove Components

  1. Click the drag icon to drag and re-order components.
  2. Click the content_copy copy icon to copy a component.
  3. Click the red X in the upper-right corner to remove a component.

Save and Add Pricing

  1. Click Save when you are done creating the package.
  2. The package has been created.
To make a package available to be added to an event, you must first add it to a price schedule. For step-by-step instructions, see Add and Edit Pricing for Inventory Items and Packages.