★ About Inventory Packages

VenueOps allows you to create packages of various rooms, equipment, and services, so that you can bundle and sell these items together to simplify the experience for the client. It also allows you to calculate and charge a per person price, although you are able to bill in an itemized manner as well. In addition, you can apply a package of commonly used items and services to save time when detailing an event.

Create a Package

Packages are created within Inventory & Prices. Packages belong to a specific department and category (typically the department that sells the package, such as Catering). You can create a Packages category within the existing department, or create a new department strictly for packages (such as Meeting Packages). Packages can pull items from any department/category.

To create a package, click a category, then click the + next to Packages.

Here you can add a component for items and rooms you want to include in the package. Components represent space rental or goods/services that comprise the package.

For step-by-step instructions, please see:

Add a Package to a Price Schedule

In order to add a package to events, it must be added to a price schedule. Package item prices are independent of existing prices on the price schedule. Each component and its possible selections (rooms and items) will have their own price, GL code, service charges, and taxes.

To add a package to a price schedule, go to the Price Schedules tab in the Inventory section, click the price schedule you want to add the package to, click the category that your package is in, then click the + next to packages.

Prices pull from items and rental rates if they are already on the price schedule. Prices can be updated here, and if you chose defaults, then you can see the package total update. For step-by-step instructions, please see Add a Package to a Price Schedule.

Add a Package to an Event

You can add a package to an event in several places:

  • On the Detailing > Packages Tab. If you don't want to add the package to a function, this is the easiest place to do it.
  • On a function's details slider, you can either:
    • Add the package on the Packages tab.
    • Click the plus by the package's department and select Add Package.

After you open the Add Package slider, you can select items and rooms for each of your components. Please see Add a Package to an Event for step-by-step instructions.

Using Packages

After you have added a package to an event, it is shown on the:

Function Details Slider

Charges List

Operations Daily View

You can also discount package items

And invoice for packages.

Package information such as package name, description, and components can be displayed on your document templates also. If you want package information to appear on your document templates, please contact us.