Managing Users via SSO

If Single Sign On (SSO) is enabled for your organization, there are a few important points for managing users in VenueOps:

  • Adding Users:
    • The user email in VenueOps must match the user email that is used to authenticate to your identity provider.
    • SSO provides users a way to manage their own login capabilities, it does not provide an integration to user roles. Roles are managed directly within VenueOps.
    • Once the user is added in VenueOps, they will be in the Pending state until they have logged in for the first time.
    • Users will not receive a temporary password, nor be prompted to set a password since with SSO their passwords are managed by your identity provider.
  • If a user needs to be deactivated, you must deactivate them in both the VenueOps application as well as your identity provider. Inactivating them in VenueOps immediately removes their access and logs them out of the application.
  • Users will not have an option to manage passwords in VenueOps; with SSO that is done via your identity provider.
  • If for some reason SSO is no longer needed for your organization, it can be disabled by contacting Client Success. Once SSO is disabled, any active users would be sent back to a "Pending" status and would be required to create a password at their next attempt to log in.