Associate and Invoice Third-Party Accounts with Events

Permissions needed: Edit Event Contacts

An account and contact are required when an event is created, but you may want to have additional accounts associated with an event, such as third-party contractors or a third party you wish to invoice. You can do this by adding a contact from another account to the event.

The tax exempt status of the event is controlled by the event's contracting account (the account listed on the event details page Overview tab). If there is a mismatch of tax exempt status between the contracting account and the third-party account, please contact Client Success for strategies to handle this.
  1. On your event's overview page on the Contacts card, click the blue + button or a edit pencil icon next to a contact role.
  2. Choose a contact.
    • On the Assign Event Contact slider, start typing to search for an existing contact from another account you want to associate with the event, then select the contact.
    • You can also create a new contact if needed. Type the name of the contact and click Create '[contact name]'.
    • The First Name and Last Name will fill based on the contact name you added. Update these fields if needed, such as if your contact has a first name made up of two words.
    • Select the contact's salutation.
      If your account does not have salutations created, this field will not appear.
    • Select any tags which apply to this contact.
    • Enter the contact's contact information in the Email, phone, and account fields.
    • In the account field, click the X to remove the event's account. If the account already exists, start typing it and select the name. You can also create a new account if needed.
  3. Select a contact role or click the X to remove it. For more information about contact roles, please see Managing Contact Roles.
  4. Click Save.

Another account has been associated with your event. Only the contracting account will be listed on the left under the General Information section, but the additional accounts are visible under their contact names in the Contacts section on the right.

The other accounts you associate with the event after it is created will have the event listed on their Events tab on their account page.

When you create an invoice for an event with multiple associated accounts, you can choose which account the invoice is billed to.

If you want to associate more accounts with the event, repeat the steps above.