Changes to Inventory Items in the August 2021 Update

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What changed?

VenueOps previously supported items with a Unit Count, which was used to denote that an item sells by both a quantity and an additional unit, usually a unit of time. In the example below, you can have 5 (quantity) ushers for 3 (unit count) hours (unit).

In our August 2021 update, we created a first-class concept of Time-bound Items. Instead of an item being marked as has unit count, they are marked as time-bound, which means that these items have a unit of time (hour or day) as well as their user-defined unit of measure (such as "each"). Time-bound items are mostly used with labor, such as in our usher example below.

Why did this change?

By adding the unit of time as a first-class concept, VenueOps is able to automatically calculate time quantities for you. You are able to have the time quantity calculate from the function time or have it calculate automatically when you add a time to an item. This has been an often-requested feature, and reduces the need for manual calculation and entry, while reducing the margin of error and need for duplicate efforts.

What was changed on inventory items?

All items which were marked as having a unit count were transitioned to the new time-bound feature. This includes the items in your inventory library as well as items allocated to events.

  • On items whose unit was hour or day, their new unit of time was designated as hour or day (as appropriate) and the item's unit of measure was changed to "each" to reduce confusion.
    • On items whose unit was not strictly "day" or "hour", we wanted to preserve that information since the item's unit is being changed to "each". Most items whose unit was not "day" or "hour" had the original unit of measure appended to the item name.
  • If we could not tell from the item's current unit if it should be hour or day, its unit of time was set to hour and its original unit of measure retained. Since the item's original unit was retained, it was not appended to the item name.

What do I need to do now?

Now that the update has been released, we ask that you:

  • Review your items and make any needed updates to ensure they transitioned to the new time-bound feature correctly. On accounts with items needing review, we added a report entitled Time-Bound Items and Units to assist you. If you don't see this report on your account, please contact us and we'll get it added.
    • If you update the unit on an item, the item allocations on events will be updated as well.
  • Review any document templates or reports which include item allocations: contracts, event orders, and such. Be sure to regenerate existing documents or create new ones! We have added mechanisms to bridge this transition and we are checking as many templates as we can, but you know your documents best. If you see any issues, please contact us as soon as possible and we will update them.
  • Once you have reviewed your items, you may wish to clean up the list of units in Inventory & Prices > Inventory > Setup to remove any time units, as they will no longer be needed. Note that data on events will not be affected if you remove these units.