August 2021 OpenAPI Updates

Last Updated August 2021

Removed Fields and Deprecated Actions

  • REMOVED UnitCount from line item costs responses on invoices. Was renamed to TimeQuantity to reflect changes made to inventory items in VenueOps
  • REMOVED ExpenseGlCode and ExpenseGlName from rental line items on invoices

New Additions

  • Write permission checks are now present for all controller actions. Permissions can be edited on VenueOps as a system admin
  • Various updates to the documentation of the API
  • Added item code to the room response model
  • Added isVoided field to payment response model
  • Added id to the contact response model
  • Added new fields to function type response model
  • Added external id actions (set, delete, get) for: contacts, credits, and functions
  • Added external ids to function response model
  • Added action for uncanceling an event
  • Added action to set credit allocations to invoices