Copying an Event

If you have a client who is returning to your building, you may wish to copy their previous event rather than creating a new one. When you copy an event, the date/time range and booked spaces will be copied. You may also choose to copy other event details if you wish: functions, instructions, item allocations, rental prices, discounts, economic impact, and notes.

You may copy an event from the event details page or from the summary slider on the calendar.

To copy from the event details page, go to the tater tot menu in the upper right corner and click Copy this Event.

On the calendar, open the summary slider and go to the tater tot menu in the upper right corner and click Copy this Event.

Once you've accessed the Copy Event slider:

  1. Rename the new event. We recommend each event have a unique name - maybe include the the year in the name, e.g. "Conference 2018".
  2. Update the date range of the event.
  3. When you update the date range, the availability of each space will be updated as well.
  4. Choose which event details you would like to copy to the new event. If the original event doesn't have certain information, that option will be grayed out.
    • Please note that if functions are not copied, instructions and items allocated to the functions will not be copied either. If Item Allocations and Instructions are checked and Functions is not, then only event-wide items and instructions will be copied.
    • Any items which were removed from your inventory or any items in categories which were made inactive will not be copied.
  5. Once you have updated all information, click Copy.
  6. Your event will be copied.
    • If you are copying from the event details page, you will be directed to the new event's details page.
    • If you are copying from the calendar, you will see a confirmation message. Your calendar will remain on the time frame you had been viewing.