Release 18 - Copying Events


Copying Events

If you have a client who is returning to your building, you may wish to copy their previous event rather than creating a new one. When you copy an event, the date/time range and booked spaces will be copied. You may also choose to copy other event details if you wish: functions, instructions, item allocations, rental prices, discounts, economic impact, and notes. For step-by-step instructions, please see this article on our help desk.


  • We renamed the create new event slider to Add Event for consistency.
  • We've tweaked the Add Series slider. Now, you do not have to enter an event name. If you don't, the events will inherit the name of the series.
  • The settings Hide details from non-bookers and Show name on avails (if confirmed) were in a different order and had slightly different wording in different places in the program. We've made those consistent. We did miss the Add Series slider, but we'll fix it in Release 19.
  • You may now set a default setting for new events for Show name on avails (if confirmed). This is located in My Settings.
  • You may now edit your Event Summaries and email them from the application.
  • There is a new Reports section in your navigation. Sales Directors may still access reports from the Overview page, but this new section is a complete list of all reports.
  • Other report improvements:
    • We've moved the Download Event Orders option to the new Reports page. You also now have a time frame option for "Tomorrow".
    • We added Attendance to the Revenue Detail report. We also updated the name on the report itself so that it is consistent.
    • The Aging Report will now sort alphabetically by account.
  • All users may now add new spaces to existing events. Previously, only users with the Live Booker role had this option.
  • We've added a subtotal column to the Event Details > Charges > Summary page.
  • When searching by ID number, the ID number in search results will now display in the right column for both events and event orders.


  • You were able to book an event without selecting a date. Now, you'll get a warning and you'll have to select a date before saving.
  • On the Event Details > Detailing page, within each day the list of spaces will sort alphabetically.
  • On the Event Details > Overview page, the options warning will now say "1 Option" or "2 Options" rather than "1 Options".
  • iCal publishing for Avails was not following certain combinations of hold and event settings. All six possibly combinations are working correctly.
    • Please note that if you choose to show Hold Type or Event Type, there is currently no way to tell the status of the event - in the avails, it's shown by the color of the day block and that does not pull into the iCal feed. This will be addressed in Release 19.
  • Internal events with a tentative status were displaying on the iCal avails feed - only confirmed internal events are to be on avails.
  • When you copy details from another event, the booked spaces in the events' functions must match. If they don't match, you get a warning and cannot copy the details in the unmatched functions. This warning was happening even when the functions did match; this is now fixed.

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