Release 19 - Financial Export Report


  • Each account will now be assigned a Unique Account ID. This ID is displayed on the Account Overview page and is also included in the new Event Charges report. If you prefer to use your own account numbers, click the pencil icon to edit.
  • There is a new financial export report entitled Event Charges available on the Reports tab. This report is a list of all inventory items charged to events over a date range and for each item includes the: Event Unique ID, Event Name, Account Unique ID, Account Name, Item Name, Item GL Code, Item Category Name, Item Date, Item Cost (Total), Item Quantity, Item Unit Type, Item Unit Count.


  • Improvements to the Event Documents tab:
    • We've added a description field for uploaded documents.
    • You'll get a warning when you remove a document, just to make sure that's what you meant to do.
  • If you have multiple proposals or contracts on an event, you may now remove older versions.
  • You will now be able to include functions without detailing on your Event Orders. When you create an event order, all functions will be listed even if they do not have instructions or inventory. If you do not need to include those functions, you are able to easily filter them out by clicking Detailed.
  • You are now able to un-cancel an event. The option is in the tater tot menu in the upper right corner of the event details page and the summary slider. The event and all booked spaces will be returned to their previous status.
  • In the Avails iCal feed, you are able to display your events by event type. On the avails calendar and PDF export, you are able to see which types are tentatives and which are definites by the color of the date. In the iCal feed, though, there is no status color. We've added a status abbreviation to the event type, so it will display as "T - Concert" or "D - Concert" (the first letter matching your status names).
  • The start and end time of events will now be included in the Start/End column of the Event Data Table. The start time will be the earliest start time for your booked spaces, and the end time will be the latest end for all booked spaces. If you export an event list, the start and end times will be in separate columns.
  • When you are detailing a function, the item quantity field will now default to empty rather than "1". This makes it easier to tab through the fields and enter information. Since we took out the default amount, we added a requirement that the quantity is greater than zero in order to save the item. Please note that the Labor Units field will updated as well in the next release.
  • We made the user interface more consistent in a couple spots:
    • On the Add Series slider, the visibility settings now match the other sliders.
    • We've added conflict warnings on the Edit Spaces slider consistent with those on the Add Event slider.
    • In the Copy Events slider, the status pop up will show conflict warnings.
    • We will be reworking the conflict warnings in our next release so that they are more intuitive and consistent throughout the application.
  • We've added a message to let you know when the password you are creating doesn't meet the password requirements.


  • If an item was deleted from the inventory library, any invoices with that item could not be edited.
  • Existing events could not be added to Series.
  • The calendar notes description field did not allow you to add line breaks.
  • The value in the Estimated Attendance field could not be deleted - you had to enter a zero. This was not consistent with the other fields in that edit window.
  • Removing the last booked space from an event was causing errors. Now, when the last space is removed from an event, the event itself is cancelled.

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