Release 20 - Contacts List and Inventory Enhancements


  • There is now a Contacts List. This functions like the Account List and the Events List, with customizable filtering, columns, and sorting options, as well as an export to Excel. You may also add a new contact from this page. You'll see the new Contacts icon in your navigation sidebar.
  • You are now able to track the cost of your inventory items.
    • A default cost may be added to each item in your price schedules (in Company Settings).
    • This default cost will be added to the event, but you may override it.
    • Cost is now included in the Event Charges report and the Charges Export for each event.
  • You are now able to tie the quantity of an inventory item needed for a function to the function's guaranteed attendance.
    • You are able to do this as you add the items to the event. Simply check the box in the Use GTD column and enter how many items you would like per person. You may also update the item after it has been added to the function.
    • Until a guaranteed attendance number is entered, the quantity will be 0* (to show that the quantity is awaiting the guarantee). Once you enter the guaranteed attendance for the function, the quantity will automatically updated, and will update if the guarantee is changed.


  • There is now a website field for Accounts. Please note that you must add the full web address, including https:// or https://. You may add the website when you create the account or on the account overview page (click the pencil icon to add).
  • Contacts now have a title field. If you add a contact on the new Contacts page you may add the title then, or you may add it on the contacts overview page. Click the pencil icon to edit, and the title will display by the contact's name in the header bar.
  • We've updated the look of the detailing slider for functions. Instead of having a separate tab for event service, food and beverage, and labor, all your items will be in one list. Click the icons by each section to edit, add items, or add instructions. Click on an individual item to edit its times and note.
  • We have reworked how conflicts are displayed when you are booking events are editing spaces. Please see this article for an overview.
  • We've updated the Add Event and Add Series sliders so that the booking experience is consistent between the two. We've also added a way for you to set the status and times for all dates in an event, and updated the conflict pop up (more about that in the article about conflict checking). Once you've selected rooms, you will see options to Set Times and Set Status at the top of your booked spaces list. You may still set the time or status for each space; simply click that space's time (or "all day") or the status drop down.
  • Wherever you are able to select rooms - on the add event slider, calendar filtering, or list filtering - the app will now remember how you left your spaces expanded or collapsed. This means you can collapse the venues or room groups where you don't book spaces and leave the venues/room groups where you do expanded, resulting in fewer clicks to select spaces.
  • Inventory items on event orders are now sorted by time.
  • You are now able to change an event to internal or to non-internal after it has been booked. On the calendar summary slider, click on the tater tot menu and go to Edit Info. On the event details page, click the pencil icon by General Information. Please note that since Event Coordinators may only book and cancel internal events, they will not have access to this toggle.

Clarifying the Visibility Settings

  • As a Live Booker, you have two visibility settings which allow you to limit access to the details of the events which you are booking: Hide Details from Non-Bookers and Show Name on Avails (if confirmed). Please note that if Hide Details is on, it will override Show Name on Avails. This means that if you are hiding details from VenueOps users, you are also hiding the event name on avails -- even if you have the name set to show once the event is confirmed. We've updated the help desk article to make sure this is clear.


  • The Events List would not export to Excel on OS X in Safari. #543
  • Calendar viewers had been able to copy events. #490
  • Event coordinators can now only copy and cancel internal events. #488, 489
  • On the Send Summary slider, an email address was not required - which meant the summary didn't send. #486
  • Event orders generated with the "Create one event order per detail" box unchecked would not generate. #512
  • On the event details page booking tab, you are able to update the time for which a space is booked. Previously, if you typed in a time and hit enter (rather than clicking save), the information was not saved. You may now hit enter and the time will be correctly saved. #561
  • We've added the password requirements to the password reset page, because Safari would not display those in the pop up message. #493
  • If you removed a booked space on the weekly calendar, you had to refresh the page to see the change in the calendar. The event will now update on the calendar when you save the change. #517
  • Drag and drop on the calendar had some odd graphical ghosting if you dragged an event, switched views, and then switched back and dragged again. #501
  • On the Avails calendar, you couldn't click "new view" to create a new view from a modified custom view (as you could on the Month and Week view). #479
  • Inactive events weren't colored grey on the weekly calendar. #478
  • In date picker on the Add Note slider, you couldn't drag to select a date range. #484
  • The status of "Lost" events was showing as "Cancelled" on the calendar summary slider. #498
  • On the Avails calendar, if you changed your filtering options and then cancelled, those changes were still visible when you reopened the slider. #497
  • We had a copy/paste error in the verbiage on the Account Overview Events tab. We've fixed that.

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