Conflict Checking

When you book an event in VenueOps, you will be alerted about possible conflicts in the rooms you are booking. We check for conflicts using three properties on booked spaces: room, date, and time. When all three properties match (or overlap, in case of date and time) we then check the status of the new booked space against the status of the existing booked space to alert you to any potential conflicts.

If you are booking on a date with existing prospects, the prospects will not trigger conflict warnings.

We alert for two types of space conflicts between tentative and definite events:

  • Double Booking:
    • Adding an event when there is already a definite event, OR
    • Adding an event with a tentative rank when there is already an event with a matching rank, such as adding a tentative 1 where there is already a tentative 1 at that date/time.
  • Jumping the Queue:
    • Promoting a lower-rank tentative event over a higher-rank tentative event, such as confirming a tentative 2 event over an existing tentative 1 event.

When you add space to your event, each space will be assigned the next available tentative rank for that date and time. The color of the status chip will alert you to any conflicts; hovering over the chip will let you know which type of conflict it is.

  • If the space status chip is grey, there are no events booked in that space at that time.
  • If the space status chip is outlined in orange, there are other tentatives booked and the auto-assigned status is not a tentative 1.
  • If the space status chip is solid red or orange, there is a conflict. To see whether this is a potential double booking or if this space is jumping the queue, hover over the status chip.

To see which statuses are in use and causing the warning, click the status chip. A pop up will appear showing all statuses and ranks in use for that space at that date/time:

If you decide to proceed with booking this event, a pop-up warning will appear when you click Save. The warning will state if you are double booking or jumping the queue. If you have warnings on multiple spaces and are doing both, the warning will be for the double booking. Click OK to confirm the change, or Cancel to return to the slider.

If you wish to limit who is able to double book events, assign the user a role which does not have the Allow Double Booking permission checked.

This permission prevents double booking. It does not prevent jumping the queue.

If a user tries to double book without permission, they will see a pop-up warning explaining why they can't save their changes.