Conflict Checking

When you book an event in VenueOps, you will be alerted about possible conflicts in the space you are booking.

When you add space to your event, each space will be assigned the next available tentative status. This could be a tentative 1 (if there is a confirmed event or no other tentatives) or a lower tentative rank (if there are already tentative events in place). The space status is colored to alert you to what is already booked:

  • If the space status is blue, there are no events booked.
  • If the space status is yellow, there are tentative(s) booked.
  • If the space status is red with a warning triangle, there are definite event(s) booked.

To see which statuses are in use, click that space's status:

In the example above, you can see that there is already a tentative 1 on this date, which is why it was assigned a T2. If you click on the space status for the last day, you will see this warning, which shows that there is a definite event already booked.

You may change the status for each space by selecting the status in the pop up (whether the status is in use or not), or you may change the status for the entire event via the Set Status link. Please note that the Set Status link will not show any conflicts in the pop up -- once you've updated the event status, the warnings for each space will update as well. This will allow you to adjust each space's status as needed to avoid double bookings.

If one of your spaces has the same status as another event on that day, or if it will "jump the queue" (e.g. book a tentative 1 when there is a 2 and 3, or confirm an event when there is already a tentative 1), you will receive additional warnings. Using the event that we're booking above, let's change all spaces to definite using the Set Status pop up. We will now get these warnings:

  • There is no warning on the first day, since there are no other events.
  • There is now a yellow warning triangle on the second day, since you are adding a definite event where there is already a tentative 1.
  • There is now a red warning triangle on the last day, since you are adding a definite event where there is already a definite.

If you hover over the warnings, you'll also get a message reminding you of what these mean:

If you decide to proceed with booking this event, you will get another pop up warning when you click Create, confirming that this is what you wish to do:

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