Release 21 - Discounts and Duplicate Account/Contact Merge



We've expanded the functionality of discounts in two ways:

  • You are now able to apply discounts per item rather than per category.
  • You now have the option of a flat discount as well as a percentage discount.

These enhancements, as well as enhancements we're working on for Release 22, have caused us to rework the Charges > Summary and Discounts tabs on the event details page.

The Summary tab is now a true summary - on the left you'll see a summary of event charges by revenue stream types (in Release 22, those will group by your own custom revenue streams). On the right is the Totals section as before.

The second tab is now the Details tab. This is where you'll now be able to see a list of all charges for the event grouped by category and download a list of all event charges. We have ideas how this page could be a useful tool for you - we'd love to hear yours!

At the top of this tab you'll be able to create and apply discounts to your items. Click the Add Discount button to open the slider.

Once you've added the discount's description, type, and rate, and marked it taxable or not, click Select charges to discount. This will open a slider with all the charges on the event. To discount all items, simply click Select all charges at the top. There is also a select all option at the top of each revenue stream and each category, or you can open a category to select individual items. You'll be able to see how many items have been selected even if that section is collapsed.

Once you've selected the items to discount, click Done and then click Add. The discount will be listed at the top, and the items' charges will be updated (the financials on the Summary tab will update as well).

Merging duplicate accounts and contacts

Have you accidentally added an account or contact twice? You can now merge those duplicates!

Why merge rather than delete? By merging the duplicates, you won't have to worry about losing events, contacts, or traces attached to those accounts.

To merge accounts or contacts, go to one of the accounts or contacts you would like to merge and click the new menu in the upper right.

We've got full step-by-step instructions for you here. Just one thing to note - the app will only keep one Account ID, so be sure to start from the account whose ID you'd like to retain. If you forget, though, an it can be edited later!


  • When you export a calendar or send avails, you now have the option to remove the color-coding legend. We'll also remember your last selection on each view, so you don't have to check (or uncheck) each time.
  • On the Month and Week view on the calendar, you are able to choose various fields to display. We've updated how those display - if there is no information in the field, they will display on the calendar with either "$0" or "n/a" as appropriate.
  • Inquiries are now included in the Event List; you may also filter by Inquiry. This allows you to create a custom event list view of all your inquiries.
  • The date and status of events are now included in search results.
  • We've added additional fields which can be included in your templates:
    • On agreements (proposals, contracts, and addendums), you may now include:
      • Payments received (#526)
      • A list of functions (#532)
      • The attendance associated with a rental charge's room (added on the event details > booking > spaces tab). (#534)
    • Event start and end times may now be included on all templates. (#533)
  • In the event list, the Finalized Balance column is now the Balance column, since the event does not have to be finalized for the balance to be listed.
  • If you would try to create an invoice without selecting any items, we would display a warning. Unfortunately, it was at the bottom of the list of your items and if there were a lot of them, you wouldn't see it. We've moved the warning to the top of the item list.
  • You'll see an update in how the Create Proposal and Create Contract sliders appear. We reworked those so that if an account doesn't have templates created yet, that is more apparent.
  • We've reworked how you reorder columns in the account, contact, and event lists. Hopefully it will be easier for you to move columns to the first or last position!
  • The Revenue Detail report now breaks out revenue by your custom revenue streams rather than by the more general revenue stream types (labor, food and beverage, and event services).
  • On the Function Details slider, items will now be ordered within categories by start time and then alphabetically.


  • Event data table and event charges exports were exporting event dates incorrectly. (#612 and #613)
  • We made an infrastructure change to address an event order template causing app-wide performance issues. (#642)
  • On the Function Mass Edit, you would receive a warning if you edited a function so that it was outside the contracted space. If you fixed that, the warning wouldn't go away. Now, once your function is back inside the contracted space the warning will disappear. (#575)
  • Users with only the Director of Events and/or Event Coordinator roles were able to change the status of non-internal events in the Edit Series slider. They are no longer able to access that slider. (#577)
  • The Director of Events wasn't able to see the Tasks tab on the Event Details page. (#578)
  • We missed a couple spots when we reworked conflict checking:
    • When using the Change Date slider, the conflict warnings will now be consistent with other warnings throughout the program. (#611, #584)
    • Event Details > Booking > Spaces: removed conflict warnings, but you will get them when you confirm the event (#585)
  • In Safari, using the mass editor to add the Guaranteed Attendance threw some very odd errors. (#563)
  • Certain roles had the notification section in My Settings, but there were no notification options listed. (#627)
  • When you create the first inquiry in a month, the Inquiry badge would not display on the calendar until you refreshed the page. (#623)
  • On the Event Details > Event Orders page, the event-wide details were listed under "unassigned details" even if no items or instructions had been added. (#565)
  • The Add Event, Add Series, and Add Note buttons were visible ever so briefly for Calendar Viewers while their calendar was loading. (#625)
  • If you had a small or low-resolution screen, you couldn't access the bottom of the Edit Item slider. (#507)
  • When adding dates to an existing event, you can now choose choose dates and spaces before loading the event name. (#506)
  • Proposal and contract description fields didn't follow line breaks and returns. Now they do, and their styling is consistent with other document description fields. (#567)
  • On the Send Avails slider, if you change the start date to be after the end date, the end date will now update automatically. This matches how the other calendar export sliders work. (#569)
  • If you created a custom view on your accounts, contacts, or events list that had more than 31 characters, the excel export would fail. This was because we were naming the worksheet in your export the same as the view, and Excel has a character limit for those. The worksheet will now be named the Excel default of "sheet 1", but the file name of your export will still be the view name. (#551)
  • When you edited the time on a function, you got a warning even if the space was booked all day. (#568)
  • On the event details page > booking tab > edit info for a space - you will now be warned if you try to enter 0 or a negative number in the attendance field. (#572)
  • On the Edit Series slider, you cannot save your changes if the event name field is blank, but we didn't give you a warning. Now we do! (#562)
  • When going to the contract approval page, the app was going to the overview page first. (#566)
  • If you confirmed an event while you were on the Event Details > Booking > Spaces tab, the space statuses didn't update until you refreshed the page. The page will now refresh automatically. (#515)
  • Empty fields on the Account Details overview tab were not displaying consistently. (#570)

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