Merging Duplicate Contacts

If you find that you have created a contact more than once, you may merge those duplicates. By merging the contacts (rather than deleting one), any events or traces associated with either contact will be kept.

To merge contacts:

  1. Select one of the duplicate contacts and go to its details page. If the contacts are in different accounts, choose the one which is in the account you would like the merged contact to be in.
  2. Click on the more_vert menu icon in the upper right-corner and click Merge with another contact.
  3. In the slider, search for the duplicate contact. The contact's account will be listed as well to help you find the correct one.
  4. Select the duplicate contact. Information from each contact will be listed - the contact you searched for on the left, and the contact whose page you're on will be on the right.
  5. Select which information you would like to keep from each contact. The information for the contact you're on will be selected by default. If any fields for that contact are empty, the information in the other contact will be selected.
  6. Once you're made your selections, click Merge.

You'll receive a confirmation that the merge was successful and information will update as necessary. The traces and events tabs will include information from both contacts.

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