Release 22 - Mobile Calendar, Function List, and Tracking Revenue


Mobile Calendar View

In this release, we've begun optimizing the application for use on your phone, and we've begun with the feature you'd most likely want to quickly reference on the go - the calendar.

  • The dots under each day show you what is already booked.
  • Scroll to an event or tap a day in the calendar to jump there. A calendar icon will appear in the upper-right corner to give you instant access to the month to jump to another date.
  • Tap an event in the list to open the summary slider for more information, and tap the X to close it (don't use your back button!).
  • In the header, tap Calendar to choose one of your saved views. You may also update the filtering by tapping the Filter icon (note that changes cannot be saved).
  • Tap the plus icon in the lower right to enter edit mode, where you can select dates on the calendar and then add events, series, and notes.
  • Arrow forward or back month by month, or tap the month/year to access the date picker. The today icon on the left will jump you back to the current month.
  • For detailed how-to's, please see this article.
  • Add a home screen icon on your phone for easy access -- see this article for instructions.

Function List

You may now view and export a list of your functions.

To access your function list, click Events in the left navigation and select Functions in the header. You are able to:

  • Filter by event coordinator or catering sales manager
  • Filter by space
  • Filter by a custom date range
  • Hide and rearrange columns, as well as sort by various columns. Would you like a certain column wider or narrower? Just drag the header divider to the width you'd like.
  • Save your changes to a custom view (please note that because the filter and view options are different from the event view, your function custom views cannot be used on the event list and vice versa).
  • Export your function list to Excel.

Tracking Revenue by Custom Revenue Streams

In our last release, we updated the summary page and added a details page on the Charges (now named Financials) tab for each event. In this release, we've expanded those enhancements in two ways:

  • Your event financials (both estimates and actuals) are now tracked by your custom revenue streams rather than by the master revenue stream types, and
  • You are now able to track additional revenue for an event without using items/charges.

On the Summary page, your event's financials will now be broken out by your custom revenue streams rather than by the master revenue stream types:

On the Estimates tab, you can log both estimated cost and revenue for each of your revenue streams:

To add Additional Revenue to your event, go to the Details tab and click Add Additional Revenue. In the slider, add a description of the revenue, choose a revenue stream, add your cost (or leave at 0) and the amount of revenue.

The Event Financials article on the help desk has been updated to reflect these changes.


  • We've done some optimizing of code to improve speed and make pages load faster in several parts of the program:
    • We've worked on the calendar code so that it loads faster, especially when using the view/manage as single day events setting.
    • We've reworked the code behind the conflict checker so that it will work faster when adding events with a large number of bookings.
    • We've also limited the add event and book spaces forms so that you may no longer book events for more than a 90-day span at a time. Note that events may be as long as you wish -- the dates will just need to be added in 90-day increments. Note that this limitation does not affect Series.
    • The event details > booking > spaces tab will also now paginate when your event has a large number of spaces; this will improve the speed on that page for large events.
  • When copying an event, in addition to other details, you are now able to copy discounts.
  • The Edit Event Order slider will now list all functions like the Create Event Order slider does.
  • If you change the rental rates after you've created an invoice, you'll now be prompted to update the invoice.
  • We've updated how reports export to Excel:
    • numbers will export as numbers rather than text
    • currency fields will be formatted as currency
  • Long popover lists will now scroll. This includes list and calendar saved views as well as assignment lists on the event details page (sales manager, catering sales manager, event coordinator, and price schedule).
  • Users with the Calendar Viewer Only role will no longer be able to add custom views, nor will they be able to edit existing ones. They also will not have access to the view slider where they could delete a view or enable or disable iCal sharing.
  • Accounts now have notes! You'll see the new notes tab on the far right on the account overview page.
  • You may now filter the event list by account. Simply type in the field to search and then select.
  • We've added filtering options to Search.
    • You may choose to search only for selected items, and you can choose whether to include inactive events in your event search.
    • You are also able to search for invoices by invoice number.


  • We found remnants of an old bug which affected conflict checking on particular events. We have cleaned that up.
  • The search on the Add Item slider is now working properly.
  • When copying an event, all spaces were assuming the hold rank of the first space.
  • If an event's event type had been deleted, it couldn't be copied.
  • Events whose event type had been deleted did not display on the calendar or event list due to the filtering options.
  • On the monthly calendar, changing display options reverted unsaved changes in the filtering options slider.
  • When using the view/manage as single day events setting on the monthly calendar, events were displaying based on the room usage for the entire event rather than each day. You would only have noticed this if you had filtered your view by room.
  • We will now warn you if you're trying to reset your password with an old reset token (the password tokens time out and then won't work).
  • On the function mass editor, the room setup typeahead search is working again.
  • When you add dates to an existing event, you are now required to select rooms.
  • The time validation is now consistent across all of the function detailing sliders.
  • When exporting the weekly view of the calendar, certain events were not appearing in chronological order.
  • In the Account Overview > Events list, events were moved to the past events list based on their start date rather than their end date. This meant that current multi-day events were in the past events list while they were still ongoing.
  • Header columns in reports were not aligning in Safari.
  • We had several bugs when copying details from another event:
    • You were unable to copy items in event-wide details if there weren't any functions.
    • We'll now warn you if you haven't selected a price schedule.
    • If the event services, food and beverage, and labor boxes were checked, items in event-wide details were copied even when it wasn't selected.
    • All instructions were being copied, no matter which categories were checked.
  • On the edit invoice slider, we moved the warning to select items to the top of the list rather than at the bottom (where you couldn't see it).
  • Director of Events and Event Coordinators were unable to edit spaces booked on the event details > booking > spaces page for internal events.
  • On the Edit Spaces slider, certain definite events were having their status display as D1 rather than DEF.
  • The Date Booked was not pulling into the Lost Business Report.
  • When creating proposals, contracts, and addendums, Cancel didn't cancel their creation.
  • We corrected and improved the display of the status on event details > booking > spaces > book spaces tab.

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