Using the Mobile Calendar

We do not have a dedicated mobile app for VenueOps. Instead, it detects when you are using a phone and gives you access to a calendar optimized for mobile devices. This article will walk you through:

Understanding the Mobile Calendar

The mobile calendar will display a single month at a time. Each day in that month will have 0-3 dots underneath it, signifying dates booked on that day. If a day has more than three dates, it will also have a plus sign next to the dots to acknowledge that. The dots, themselves, will be colored according to the current calendar view that you are using.

Underneath the calendar is a list of each day in the month with a block for each date booked on that day. These blocks will also be colored according to the current calendar view that you are using. Tapping on a day on the calendar will take you directly to that day in the list.

Tapping a date block will open the summary slider, just like on the regular calendar. When you are done with the summary slider, tap the in the upper-right corner to close it. Please do not use the back button on your phone: it can cause issues.

To go back to the calendar from the list, tap the calendar icon in the upper-right corner.

You have a few options when navigating between months on the mobile calendar:

  1. Tap the left or right arrows to go back or forward a single month, respectively.
  2. Tap the calendar icon in the upper-left corner to go to the current month.
  3. Tapping the month and year opens the date picker, allowing you to pick a specific month and year to go to.

Switching Calendar Views

  1. Tap the current view in the upper-left.
  2. Tap the calendar view you want to switch to.

The calendar view you select will affect the color of date blocks and which date blocks display.
Note: You cannot create new calendar views or save changes to calendar views using the mobile calendar. For more information on calendar views, please see the full article.

Filtering the Mobile Calendar

The filter slider will allow you to only include date blocks that fit certain parameters, such as the staff member an event is assigned to, the account that is attached to the event, the status or type of event, etc. To open the filter slider, tap the funnel icon.

For more information on filtering, please see the full article.

Adding Dates

  1. Tap the add icon in the bottom-right.
  2. Tap the days you want to book dates on. Your selections will stay when navigating between months, and the selected days will be listed underneath the calendar.
  3. When all desired days have been selected, tap the note, series, or event icons to open their respective sliders.
  4. Continue adding your note, series, or event as you would on your computer.

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