November 2021 Update: Artists, Genres and Other Enhancements

Additional update information:


Artist Research

We have expanded the artist information available to you. Information, aggregated from Pollstar and Chartmetric, includes expanded social media metrics (including trends and demographics), Spotify metrics, and more information about past and upcoming events.

Genre Field

For many live entertainment venues, the genre of a performance is as important for operational insights and reporting as the business classifications and event types are. You will now be able track the genre of your events in a dedicated field.

For more information about creating genres, please see Manage Genres. Once you've created genres, they can be applied to any event. Genres are not required.

If you have been tracking genres using event types or business classifications and would like to transition to the new genre field, please see Transition Time: Genre for more information.

Insights Templates

If you are an Insights Admin, you'll notice a new Templates tab in Insights Admin. We are laying the groundwork for more powerful document template outputs which utilize the same back-end technology that powers our reports and dashboards. We will continue to work on this in future updates until the new system is ready for accounts to begin transitioning to it.


  • We have moved where certain information is stored. Because of this, you may see your venues in a different order on the calendar grid or the room selector slider. This is only happening if you have not custom sorted your venues. If you see this, please contact Client Success with the order the venues should be in and we'll get that updated right away!
  • We've tweaked the headers on the rental rates slider in price schedules for clarity. Taxes is now Additional Taxes and Revenue GL Code is now Revenue GL Code Override.
  • Uploaded contracts can now be sent to DocuSign. Both PDF and DOCX uploads can be sent, but DocuSign will convert DOCX format contracts to PDF. Previously, only contracts created in VenueOps could be sent.
  • Sys Admin updates:
    • When creating a role, we've added additional options: View Only, Detailing, Booking, and Finance. When you select one of these options, the Create Role slider will open with typical permissions already selected. You can tweak those permissions as you wish and then save the role.
    • In Sys Admin, Space Usages, Business Classifications, and Staff Assignments will now be listed alphabetically.


  • Edit General Information slider: If an account name was not sufficiently unique, the account name would disappear from the slider.
  • On packages, rental prices were being incorrectly calculated. You would only have noticed this if the quantity on the room component was greater than one.
  • When multiple events were shown on the grid calendar, they were not always in chronological order.
  • Discount activity logs were visible to users without access to financials.
  • Packages are now hidden from the category slider in exhibitor price schedules.
  • On accounts with Live Entertainment inactive, some live entertainment permissions were not fully hidden on the default Full Access role.
  • Tasks created from task templates whose event was removed from the task could not be completed.
  • When creating a task on an event which does not have a sufficiently unique name, the event will not be attached to the task.
  • Inactive departments and categories now sort to the bottom of the list.
  • In the Operations View on mobile, long saved view names forced the view controls over top of the more info menu.
  • When creating and editing packages, items in inactive categories were appearing in searches.
  • When exporting contact groups, only visible contacts would export rather than the entire list.
  • In the Exhibitor Orders tab, the currency columns were not right aligned.
  • Events List: the "inactive" filter did not include inactive inquiries.