November 2021 Insights Release Notes

Breaking changes

No breaking changes.

Improvements and feature-related changes

  • Changed UNION to UNION ALL to improve performance on some union views:
    • vw_event_item_allocations_and_instructions
    • vw_event_item_and_rental_allocations
  • A new event_genre_name column has been added to the vw_events_* views.

New columns

  • To produce the room order seen on the room selector, new columns for venue_sort_order, group_sort_order, room_sort_order have been added to these views:
    • vw_booked_spaces
    • vw_rooms
  • Service charge taxes are now included in the vw_event_item_allocation_taxes, vw_event_rental_allocation_taxes views with new columns:
    • is_service_charge_tax
    • service_charge_id
    • service_charge_name
  • A package_component_sort_order column has been added to these views:
    • vw_event_item_allocations
    • vw_event_rental_allocations
    • vw_event_item_and_rental_allocations

New views

  • vw_event_genres - one row per event genre
  • vw_event_orders - one row per event order
  • vw_event_order_functions - one row per function on an event order
  • vw_invoice_exhibitor_item_charges - one row per exhibitor order item allocated to an invoice
  • vw_invoice_item_charges - one row per item allocated to an invoice
  • vw_invoice_rental_charges - one row per rental allocated to an invoice


  • Fixed vw_event_package_allocations to select package_client_note, package_description columns from the package allocation rather than the package definition.