Workflow for Contract Approval

In your venue, the Director of Sales may be required to approve all contracts before they are sent to the client. Users with the System Admin role can set the business approval level for your account (for instructions click here), allowing you to handle the approval process through VenueOps.

  1. The Sales Manager creates the contract:
    1. On the event details > contracting tab, open the Create Contract slider by using the next step button or click the plus by Contracts.
    2. In the slider, update the contract's name and add a description if you wish. Choose the correct contract template from the drop down, and then choose the contact whose name and information should be included in the contract. Click Save.
    3. If any edits need to made before sending the contract for approval, click the contract name and then Edit Document.
    4. The contract will open in a rich text editor. Make any changes and then click Save.
    5. Once the contract is ready to go, click the Send Contract for Approval button.
    6. We recommend you add a task for the director of sales to let them know the contract is ready for review - just click yes in the prompt and the Create Task slider will open. The director of sales will see this task on their task page and can also turn on the Task Assigned to Me notification to get an email with a link to the task and event.
    7. If you need to make any changes or clicked the button in error, simply click Revoke Approval Request to return the contract status to Waiting to Send for Approval.
  2. The Director of Sales reviews and then approves or rejects the contract:
    1. Go to the event's Contracting tab. Click Review Contract.
    2. The contract will open in a viewing window. To make further edits to the contract, click the blue Edit button to open the contract in a rich text editor.
    3. Once the contract is reviewed and edited as needed, approve or reject the contract (with or without comment) in the Contract Approval slider on the right. If you would like to return to this contract later, simply click the X on the slider to return to the event details page.
  3. A task will be created for the user who created the event, letting them know if the contract was approved or rejected. The task will also include the comments added by the director.
  4. The submission/approval process may be repeated as many times as needed. Once the contract is approved, the Sales Manager will be able to send the contract to the client.

As the Director of Sales you'll need to keep track of contracts which are awaiting your approval. We recommend (as noted above) that your sales managers create a task to "send" you the contract. If you turn on the Task Assigned to Me notification you'll get an email alerting you to the contract. The tasks will be listed for you on your tasks page.

You may also create a custom event list filtered by the contract status Contract Pending Approval. This would allow you to double check that all contracts have been processed.

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