Release 23 - New Calendar Views


  • We have updated and expanded the calendar view options:
    • The Week view is now a Grid view, and you now have the option to select how many days you would like to view -- from 7 days up to 31 days.
      • If you are viewing between seven and 14 days, the calendar will look like the week view that you are used to (click image to view full size).
      • If you are viewing between 15 and 31 days, the calendar will switch to a compact view. This allows you to see a high level overview of what is booked in your venue (click image to view full size).
      • In compact view, the day block will show the number of bookings in that space on that day (or be empty if there are no bookings). Click on a day to open a slider showing a list for that day. Click on a booking in the slider for your usual weekly view menu options.
      • In the header row, clicking the double arrow will move you forward or back by the number of days you are viewing. The single arrows move you a day at a time.
    • We also now have a Day view (click image to view full size).
      • By default, the day view will display from 6 AM through 3 AM. In the display options, you may adjust that range and then save it to a custom view. And the custom view does not have to be day view specific! If you have a favorite view, simply select it on the day view, update the hour range, and save your changes.
      • In the header row, clicking the double arrow will move you forward and back by a day. The single arrow moves you hour by hour within the day.
  • We have released Insights. Insights is a new reporting module that allows users to create their own advanced custom reports. If you'd like to learn more, please contact our Client Success team.
  • We've expanded functionality for Live Bookers and those working with live events (although other users may find these features useful as well!):
    • You are now able to change the contract status from the summary slider.
    • You are now able to create a function without assigning a room, allowing you to more easily build out an event schedule. In the room drop down, simply select the new No Room option.
    • You are now able to add the functions for your schedule on the summary slider from the calendar. Just scroll down and you'll see the functions section under the spaces booked.
    • You may now view the time and name of functions on the calendar.
      • To see the functions, you'll have to do two things:
        • Turn on functions in your calendar view via the display options.
        • Select which functions you would like to view on the calendar in the function editor. Note - this is account wide, so if you mark a function as viewable, everyone with functions selected on their calendar view will see it!
      • For step-by-step instructions on managing your functions on the calendar, please see this article.
  • We've added a new accounts receivable role and expanded the activity log to include payment and invoice information.
    • Accounts Receivable is a role which allows the user the ability to add, edit, and remove payments.
      • The AR role does not stand on its own - you must give a user permission to the event details page via one of the other roles. If you would like to give someone in your Finance department the permission to log payments but limit their ability to change bookings, we recommend pairing the Event Coordinator + Accounts Receivable roles.
      • As Sales Managers, Catering Sales Managers, and Event Coordinators had been able to do this prior to this release, we've assigned any user with one of those roles the Accounts Receivable role. This means that no one will lose permissions that they previously had. If you would prefer to limit who has the ability to work with payments, simply remove the AR role from those users.
    • The Activity Log will now include records of:
      • Invoices sent or removed. Log includes invoice amount and balance due.
      • Payments added, edited, and removed. Log includes payment date, reference number, and amount.


  • You may now set a room as inactive. For instructions and the implications of doing this, please see this article.
  • The contract status of an event is now visible in the event list and may be displayed on the calendar.
    • On the calendar, this option is available in the display options.
    • On the event list, the contract status will show by default. You may hide or move it in the display options.
  • The Admin section of the app is now named System Admin (we've also renamed the role from Super Admin to System Admin). This is to differentiate this from the new Insights Admin role.
  • On the Event and Function lists, we've alphabetized the names in the "assigned to" filter.
  • When creating and editing event orders, you may now filter by room and by date. This is in addition to filtering by functions which are detailed and functions with food and beverage. The filtering will make it much easier to create one event order for a space which has multiple functions on a date.
  • You may now include the estimated revenue for an event (event details > financials > estimates) on proposals, contracts, addendums, and event summaries.
  • We've tweaked the default calendar view to have these settings:
    • Show Event name, Time, and Rooms
    • View events as single day events rather than spanning


  • Your email address was displaying in the upper left corner of the app rather than your name.
  • When exporting a calendar with the time displayed, events said "all day" even if they weren't.
  • When booking room requirements on inquiries, we'll now highlight bookings red if there is a conflict with an existing confirmed event. We've also made the room selector drop down consistent with the room selector on the Change Room slider.
  • You were able to drag notes boxes outside the bounds of the slider.
  • Excel exports were limited to 1024 results, which for some clients restricted the number of functions in their exports.
  • We've tweaked the warnings on the function mass editor so that once you fix what was causing the warning, it will disappear.
  • Document templates time defaults have now been restored to 12 hour time.

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