Managing Functions on the Calendar Summary Slider

This article will walk you through managing functions from the event summary slider. This allows you to easily build out the event schedule for your live events without leaving the calendar.

  1. Find the event you want to manage functions for on the calendar.
  2. Click the event to open its summary slider.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the summary slider.
  4. Click the edit icon for the Functions area.
  5. Click +Add Function.
  6. You can do the following for each function:
    1. Set a function name.
    2. Set a room. (Optional) Only rooms that have been booked for the event will appear in the dropdown, although if a combo room is booked its member rooms will also be listed.
    3. Set a date.
    4. Set whether the function lasts all day.
    5. If the function is not all day, set a start time.
    6. If the function is not all day, set an end time. (Optional) It will be automatically set to the start time if left blank.
    7. If you want the function to appear on the event's calendar block(s), check the Cal? box.
    8. Click the to remove a function from the list.
    9. Click +Add Function again to add as many functions as you need.
  7. When you have made all the desired additions and/or changes to your functions, click Save.

All the functions for this event will be listed at the bottom of the summary slider.

You can also adjust your settings so functions marked to appear on the calendar will be listed on their event's calendar blocks.

  1. Click the display settings icon.
  2. Check the Functions box.
  3. Click Done.

Any function that has the Cal? box checked...

...will now be listed on its appropriate event block.

Because no-room functions are not attached to a room, they cannot be viewed on the grid or day view. In those views, only information about that room is displayed in each room row.

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