Manage Functions on the Calendar Summary Slider

Permissions needed: Detailing > Edit

This article will walk you through managing functions from the event's summary slider on the calendar. This allows you to easily build out the event schedule for your live events without leaving the calendar.

This article will walk you through how to:

Add Functions from the Summary Slider

  1. Find the event you want to manage functions for on the calendar.
  2. Click the event to open its summary slider. If you're using the grid or day calendars, you may need to click View Summary after clicking the event to open its summary slider.
  3. Click Functions in the slider.
  4. Click + Functions. If your event already has functions, click the edit pencil icon.
  5. You are now able to add and edit functions as needed. For step-by-step instructions and additional information, please see Add and Edit Functions with the Mass Editor
    If you won't be using all the fields in the function mass editor, you can create a saved view on the event details > Detailing tab. Select that view on the Detailing tab, and we will save that selection in your browser cache and use it on the function mass editor here on the calendar as well. See Create a Custom Detailing Tab View for more information.
  6. When you have all the desired functions entered, click Save.

Display Functions on Your Calendar

You can also adjust your settings so functions marked to appear on the calendar will be listed on their event's calendar blocks.

  1. Click the storage display settings icon.
  2. In the slider, click the Info field to expand its options.
  3. Make sure Function Names is checked. You can also choose to display Function Types.
  4. Click Save.

Any function that has the Cal box checked...

...will now be listed on its appropriate event block.

  • Because no-room functions are not attached to a room, they cannot be viewed on the grid or day view. In those views, each room row only displays information about that room.
  • Because the grid and day views only display information about a room at the time it is booked for, a function's start time must fall within the booked space time in order for it to display on the calendar.
  • Event-wide and multi-day functions cannot be displayed on the calendar.