Email an Avails Calendar

To email your avails from VenueOps:

  1. Click Calendar.
  2. Click Avails.
  3. Select the view you want to send from the dropdown.
    Note: for more information on custom avails views, please see Email Your Avails.
  4. Click the email envelope icon.
  5. Select a start and end date for the avails you want to send.
  6. Select the orientation for your avails from the dropdown.
  7. Type a subject line for the email.
  8. Type a message for the email. (Optional but recommended)
  9. Add a recipient. You can type email addresses in directly or search for existing contacts or contact groups. Please note that one email is sent to all recipients: each person will be able to see everyone else who received it.
    All recipients will be in the "To" field, not the "bcc" field. Recipients will be able to see each other's contact information.
  10. Send a copy to me will be checked by default; you will receive a copy of the email for your records. (Optional but recommended)
  11. Click Send.

The avails email will be sent.