Add More Dates or Rooms to an Event

Permissions needed: Highest Booking Capability > Tentative or Definite

Once you've booked a hold or event, you may wish to add additional spaces to the dates you've booked, or add additional dates to the event.

  • If your event has been extended or if you would like to have additional dates on hold, add those dates to your existing event. If this is an event on a separate day (such as another game or hold for a game), create a new event. You can group all of those related separate events (such as your sports season) into a Series. See Series of Events for more information.
  • Inquiries cannot be updated using this workflow. To add spaces to an inquiry, please see Add Spaces to an Inquiry. To change the dates on an inquiry, please see Change an Inquiry's Dates.

You are able to add dates and rooms to events using several different sliders which are accessible in different places. Which one you use will depend on where you are in the application and what additional information you would like to add or edit.

  • The Edit Spaces slider, in addition to allowing you to add dates and rooms, will allow you to change the room on a booked space as well as update time, usage, description, and status. It is accessible on both the calendar and event details page. For information see Update Multiple Spaces on an Event.
  • The Book Spaces slider allows you to add a description, attendance, and room setup to the booked spaces as you add additional dates and rooms. Just like the Edit Spaces slider, you can also update time, usage, and status. It is accessible only on the event details page. For more information see Use the Book Spaces Slider.