Create Event Summaries, Hold Confirmations, and Other Event Documents

Permissions needed: Event Documents > Edit

We are able to develop templates for you for event documents such as summaries, announcements, hold confirmations, and more. You may then easily create those documents for each event via the calendar summary slider or the event details page and email them from VenueOps.

This article will walk you through creating these documents for an event in VenueOps. They will be created from a custom document template. If you do not have any templates created, please contact us and we'll work with you to get those set up!

Access the Documents Tab

  • On the calendar, click an event to open its summary slider and go to the Documents tab.
  • On the event details page, go to the Documents tab.

Create a Document

  1. Click the plus by Summaries.
  2. Name your document.
  3. Choose a template from the drop down.
  4. Click Save.
  5. The document has been created.
  6. Click the document to open its details slider and take further action:
    • mail Click the envelope icon to send the document (see below for instructions).
    • picture_as_pdf Click the PDF icon in the slider or on the page to preview and download your document.
    • edit Click the pencil to edit the name of the document or to remove it.
    • more_vert Click the more info menu and select Edit Document to make changes to your document.

Email your Document

  1. Click the envelope icon.
  2. Add your recipient(s). Search and select a contact or contact group. You may search in your address book (recommended) or type in the email address.
    All recipients will be in the "To" field, not the "bcc" field. Recipients will be able to see each other's contact information.
  3. Send a copy to me will be checked by default. This allows you to have a record of when you sent the document and who you sent it to.
  4. Add a subject (required) and a message (optional).
  5. Click Send.