Add an Inquiry

Permissions needed: Highest Booking Capability > Inquiry or higher

Inquiries allow you to track leads without booking space on the calendar. To add inquiries, you will use the Add Event form. You can access the Add Event form in several places:

  • Calendar
  • Events List
  • Events tab on Accounts or Contacts Details
  1. If you are on the month calendar, select the dates for your inquiry and click the add event icon in the lower right corner.
    • On the grid and day views, do not select dates on the calendar - click the event calendar event icon. If you select dates on the calendar you will also be selecting rooms and this will create an event rather than an inquiry.
    • On mobile, you'll need to click the blue circle first - this will put you in edit mode. Select your dates and then click the blue circle in the lower right corner.
    • If you are not on the calendar, don't worry! You'll be able to select dates later on the form.
  2. In the Create field, select Inquiry.
  3. Check Internal Event if the inquiry is internal (staff meetings, trainings, etc).
  4. Add the inquiry name.
  5. Add the account and contact for your prospect.
    1. Start typing to search. If you select an existing account, the search results for the contacts field will only include contacts from that account. If you want to add a contact from a different account, you will need to add the contact first.
    2. If this is a new account or contact, type in the complete name. Click Create '[New Account Name]'.
    3. The fields for account/contact information will appear. For accounts, lead source and market segment are required, but no other account/contact information is required.
  6. Select a contact role for this inquiry for your contact (optional).
  7. Select the event type from the dropdown.
  8. If your system admin has set up business classifications, you will need to select one from the dropdown. For more information, please see Managing Business Classifications.
  9. If your system admin has set up genres, you can select one from the dropdown. For more information, please see Manage Genres.
  10. If you have the View Hidden Event Details permission, set the visibility for this event. For more information, please see Visibility Settings.
  11. If you want to apply task templates to your event, click Select Templates. For more information, please see Applying a Task Template.
  12. Select the appropriate venue for your inquiry.
  13. Click + Dates if you haven't already selected your dates or would like to add additional ones.
  14. Click Save.

Your inquiry has been created. Because inquiries do not have rooms, they will not display on the calendar grid. If there are inquiries in the time frame you are viewing, the inquiry badge will display in the upper-right corner of the calendar. Click the badge to see a list of inquiries, and click an inquiry in the list to go its details page. Inquiries may also be viewed in the events list.