Confirm and Release Holds on an Event

Permissions needed: Highest Booking Capability: Definite

Once you are ready to confirm a date and release holds on the others, you may do that from the calendar.

If you would like to confirm events, release holds, and generally manage your calendar across events, see Manage Holds by Day for more information about the Manage Day slider where you can do this efficiently.
  1. Click on an event to open its summary slider.
  2. Click the Spaces tab, then click the edit pencil icon.
  3. Click Status at the top to set all booked spaces as definite, or you can set just a day or a single booked space as definite. Once one booked space is definite, the event status will be definite.
  4. To release a hold, click the X remove icon by the date or booked space. As long as you haven't saved yet, you can click the + add icon to undo the removal.
  5. When you have made all of your changes, click Save.

Once one space or date is confirmed, the overall event status will update to confirmed.

If the Hide event details setting is on, you'll be asked if you want to toggle it off.

If you removed any spaces from the event, the Spaces section of the summary slider will now have an option to Show Removed Spaces.

Clicking that option will display all spaces removed from the event. You can also click the assignment copy icon to copy the removed spaces to your clipboard.