Release 24 - Roles by Venue and Departments


Roles by Venue

  • You are now able to assign different roles for different venues to your users.
  • For accounts with multiple venues, we have assigned your users' current roles on all venues -- this way no one loses any functionality. If you update a user's roles for each venue, they will be logged out of the system and when they log back in, their new roles will take effect.
  • Assigning roles by venue allows you to control the events which your users are able to access. Accounts, contacts, company settings, calendar notes, etc are not tied to a venue, thus assigning a user a role which gives them access to, for example, the accounts list will give them access to all accounts, even if the account only books events in a venue they do not have access to. We've gone into more detail about how combining roles affects visibility here.
  • Because access to events and inquiries is based on the venue in which it is booked, we've updated the Inquiry workflow in the Add Event slider. If you're adding an inquiry, you will now need to choose a venue. We've updated our Adding an Inquiry article to reflect these changes.


  • You are now able to create Departments for your account, and each inventory category may be assigned to a department.
  • On the event details page, you'll be able to view function items grouped either by department or by category type (F&B, Event Services, Labor).
  • In your templates, you'll be able to group and filter items and charges by your departments as well. Please let us know if you would like updates to your proposals, contracts, addendums, event orders, or event summaries.

Operations Role

  • We have two new roles: Director of Operations and Operations Staff. These roles give access to the calendar and the events/functions lists, including the ability to download Event Orders for upcoming events. Right now, these roles have the same access level; in the future the Director of Operations role could be expanded based on the feedback we receive from clients.

Avails on Mobile

  • You are now able to view and send your avails from your phone. If you have the Booker role, look for the new Avails option in the navigation. For all the details, see this article.


  • The functionality on the Edit Spaces slider now mirrors that on the Add Event slider. You may set the status for all spaces, set the time for all spaces, and set the time for individual spaces.
  • While we have not optimized the event details page for mobile yet, we have updated the page navigation. It will now scroll horizontally so that you are able to access all the tabs.
  • In Inventory, we've added handy links to the price schedules. We'll even remind you to add pricing after you've added items.
  • You can now download event orders and event charges from the events list. We added this functionality here so that the Operations roles could access event orders without full access to the reports page.
  • You can now add and remove functions in the mass editor on the event details page.
  • Financials:
    • Aging Report: if there is more than one invoice for an account they will now be sorted by due date. We also added the event date to the report.
    • Cancelled events were not being included in the Account Overview > Financials tab. They now are.
  • If a user's permissions are changed or if they are marked inactive, the user will be logged out when they navigate to a new page or interact with the program in any way.
  • We've updated the error messages and warnings on the function mass editors (both event details page and calendar) to be more clear and useful:
    • Any warnings which are simply warnings and not stopping you from saving will be in orange and the row will not be highlighted (such as your function being outside the booked space).
    • Errors which will prevent you from saving the functions will be in red and must be resolved before saving (e.g. the end time is before the start time).
  • The Live Booker role is now simply called Booker. There's been no change in functionality or permissions.
  • All roles will now land on the calendar by default when you log in, rather than the overview page.


  • Admins were able to edit a user's email address to one that matched an email already in use.
  • Calendar viewers were able to access other pages if they had the direct URL.
  • "My Event" notifications for Catering Sales Managers and Events Coordinators were not working.
  • Event/Function Lists:
    • Custom views were not saving date ranges which were exactly seven or 30 days - instead they would save with the "next 7 days" or "next 30 days" presets.
    • If you filter by only a combo room, events booked only in the member rooms will now appear.
  • Event Details:
    • Inventory items in inactive categories will not be copied when copying an event, copying details to a new event, or copying details to another function. This is now consistent with removed items not being copied.
    • If an all-day function used to have a start time, you couldn't save it.
    • The room setup typeahead wasn't working correctly on the function edit slider and mass edit on the event details page and on the function editor on the calendar. It was working correctly on the create function slider. The expected behavior is that the typeahead would suggest setups used on other functions (not suggest setups used on the Booking > Spaces tab).
    • When you add economic impact, the fields in the slider will be in the same order as the fields in the page.
  • Calendar/Avails:
    • If you zoomed out on the calendar grid view, the grid lines disappeared
    • If you are viewing your calendar with "view/manage as single day events" turned on and you filter by certain rooms, only event days booked in that room will display (as opposed to every day of the event, even if that room isn't in use on a day).
    • We cleaned up the date warnings when exporting date and grid calendars.
    • On avails, the avails settings will now use your custom status names.
    • If you inactivate a room, any events which had booked space in that room (as well as other rooms) were not displaying in the calendar default view. Any room booked solely in that room will not appear, which is the expected behavior.
    • If you filter by only a combo room, events booked in the member rooms will now appear in Grid and Day views.
  • Mobile:
    • On the mobile calendar, filter by account was not working.
    • When you edit functions from the calendar on your phone, the function slider will now scroll horizontally so you can access all the fields.
    • If you have a large number of calendar views, you weren't able to close the list of views. That is now fixed.
    • If you have the navigation open, you won't be able to interact with the page underneath. You'll need to close the navigation first.
  • Reports:
    • Revenue Detail: Attendance will now total.
    • Lost Business Detail: If you selected a custom date range, the totals were not being updated.
    • Pipeline: The "Contract Signed" line was including tentative Contract Signed events, rather than just definite Contract Signed. We are transitioning this report into Insights, and we'll update the labels to make it clearer what each line includes.

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