★ Users with Different Roles Across Venues

Users may be assigned a specific role for a specific venue, but have a different role in another venue. Because certain parts of the application are not venue-specific, it is good to be aware of how the different roles interact when combined across venues and with events booked across venues.

The key principle to remember is that when you assign a role for a venue, you are allowing or restricting access to the events in that venue. Thus you allow or restrict a user access to events via the:

  • Events List
  • Calendar
  • Account Overview Events tab
  • Contact Overview Events tab
  • Event Details page

There are three general levels of access a user can have to a venue:

  • Full/limited booking and full details editing (Director of Sales, Sales Manager, Event Coordinator, Booker)
  • View only + tasks (Director of Operations, Operations Staff)
  • View only (Calendar Viewer Only)
  • No access (no role assigned)
Combinations of Full/Limited Booking Roles (Sales/Catering/Events/Booker)

The Sales, Events, and Booker roles are very similar in their functionality, thus users will see little difference in events across venues. Some nuances:

  • Since Events roles may only book internal events, a user with Events + Other Role will not be able to edit the internal checkbox on any event which is booked in both venues.
  • The Booker will be able to adjust the visibility settings on any event which they have edit permission to, regardless of venue (since they are sending out avails). Please note that if their role is Booker + Events, they will only be able to adjust visibility settings on internal events for events booked solely in the Events venue.
  • Another issue which will be addressed in the future is that Directors of Sales will have contracts from all venues in their queue to approve (unless they have no role for the venue).
  • If users have Event Assigned or Task Assigned notifications turned on, they will receive a notification for all events where they are assigned an event or task, even if they have no permission to that venue. When they click on the link, they will not be able to access the event details page, though. With traces, they will be able to view the trace but not click through to the event details.
Combinations of Full/Limited Booking Roles and View Only Roles

When a full role (sales/catering/events/booker) is combined with a view only role (operations/calendar viewer), the user has access to parts of the program that a strict calendar viewer user would not normally be able to access. These pages contain information which is account-wide and thus cannot be locked down:

  • Company Settings: Inventory, price schedules, departments, and task templates are all account-wide. Any changes made in the company settings affect all venues.
  • Accounts and Contacts: While accounts and contacts are attached to events, they exist in their own right and cannot be hidden. Calendar viewers normally do not have access to the Account List and the Contact List, but due to the user's Full role they will see these pages. Please note that while they will see any events booked on their viewer venue in the accounts/contacts' events tab, they will not have access to the event details page.
  • Notifications: If a user has turned on All Event or My Event notifications, they will receive notifications for any venue which they have at least view permission to.
Combinations of View Only Roles

While Calendar Viewer restricts a user to only the calendar, the Operations roles also gives a user access to the Event List and the ability to download event orders.

No Access to a Venue

If a user has no role on one venue but a role the other, they will see no events in their no-role venue. If an event is booked in both venues, they will be able to view the event and have their usual event access based on their role, except that a user with edit roles will be unable to modify any of the spaces which are in their no-role venue.

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