Using Mobile Avails

This article will walk you through:

Loading the Mobile Avails Calendar

  1. Sign in to VenueOps using a browser on your phone.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the upper-left.
  3. Tap Avails.

You are now on the mobile avails page.

Viewing Avails

A different avails calendar will be displayed for each space included in your current view.

To select a different saved view:

  1. Tap Avails in the upper-left.
    Note: if you are already using a saved view, the name of that view will be in the upper-left instead of the word Avails.
  2. Tap the name of the view you want to use.
  3. Tap the caret bar to close the saved view menu.

No matter which view you are using, the coloring for days will remain the same:

  • White: There are no confirmed or hold dates.
  • Yellow: There is at least one non-internal hold date but no confirmed dates.
  • Red: There is at least one non-internal confirmed date. There may also be any number of hold dates.
  • Grey: There is at least one internal confirmed date. There may also be any number of other confirmed and hold dates.
    Note: Internal confirmed dates display as blackouts on the avails calendar. Internal hold dates do not display at all on the avails calendar.

Tap a yellow, red, or grey day to open the day slider.

The day slider will display whatever information is available for the date(s) booked on that day.

Tap the left caret to go back a month and the right caret to go forward a month.

Tap the calendar icon in the upper-left to load today's month and year.

To navigate to a specific month:

  1. Tap the currently displayed month and year.
  2. Tap the year at the top to display year options.
  3. Tap the desired year.
  4. Tap a month within the selected year.

Filtering the Avails Calendar

  1. Tap the filter icon in the upper-right.
  2. Set how you want your hold and confirmed dates to display.
    1. Avails Holds View has three options:
      • Show "Holds Exist"
      • Show hold count
      • Show hold types
    2. Avails Event View has two options:
      Note: If an event is set to show its name and not hide event details, the event's name will display for confirmed dates, regardless of the selected filter option.
      • Show "Confirmed Event"
      • Show event types
  3. Check any spaces you want included in your avails, and uncheck any spaces you don't want included.
  4. Tap Done.

Emailing Avails

  1. Tap the envelope icon in the upper-right.
  2. To complete the send avails form:
    1. Set the start and end months for your avails.
    2. If you want your avails to include a legend explaining the meaning of the colors, check the Show legend? box. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.
    3. Select the recipients. As you type, suggestions matching your entered text will display. You can either tap the suggestions to select that contact or type an email address directly into the field. If you select a contact without an email, a warning will appear. You need to remove all contacts without email addresses in order to send the avails.
      Note: One email is sent to all recipients, so each recipient can see all other recipients.
    4. Check Send a copy to me if you want a copy of the avails to be sent to your email address. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.
    5. Type a subject for the avails email.
    6. Type a message for the body of your avails email. (This is optional but recommended.)
    7. Tap Send Avails.

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