Release 25 - Artist Research, Configurable Start of Day, and Contact Roles

We'll walk you through these new features in the release webinar on Friday, March 16, from 1:30-2:00 pm EDT. Click here to register!

We also have regularly scheduled workflow webinars for bookers, sales, events, and calendar viewers; click here for the schedule. Are there other subjects you'd like a webinar about? Let us know!


  • Our new Artist Research feature allows you to view social metrics and tour histories from Pollstar, Facebook, Bandsintown, Songkick, and more in one powerful analytic tool. We'll be activating this for all accounts the morning after the release. Any user with the Booker role will have access to this feature - just look for Research in your sidebar. Click here for more information.
  • Do you book events past midnight? You are now able to configure when your event day starts. This allows you to book rooms past midnight (creating one booked space rather than two) as well as have single functions which cross midnight. In addition, those events will not span two days on your calendar! Please see this article for more details and contact us if this interests you.
  • We've updated our Contact Role feature. The system admin on your account will now create roles which other users then assign to contacts for events. You may also designate certain roles as standard and users will be reminded to add them to the event, and you can choose roles to display on your calendar. For the step-by-step on setting up contact roles, see this article.
    • If you've already been using contact roles, you won't lose any information. Any contact with a role on an event will still have that role. We also looked at the most-used roles on your account and created those for you. Follow the link above if you'd like to see how to access and edit them.
  • You may now upload a PDF to be attached to your Event Orders. This means you can upload your room diagram when you create an event order and it will be included in your event order pdf. Don't have the room diagram yet? You can edit the event order later and attach it, or even remove an attachment and upload a new one.
  • Rental charges may now be grouped by room on your proposals and contracts. That means rather than listing each room for each day and its charge, you can list each room for the entire range of the event. If you are interested in updating your templates with this feature, just let us know.


  • You are now able to reset your password while logged into the program - click on your name in the upper left corner and select Reset Password.
  • We've added a link to the Help Desk in the left navigation.
  • Account websites can now be pulled into proposals, contracts, etc.
  • You are now able to change an event's account. On the event details page, click the pencil by General Information, click the X by the account, and search for or create the new account.
  • We can now rename your templates and change the order they appear in drop-downs.
  • We've added "Proposal Sent" as one of the options when setting an event's contract status on the calendar (Please note: if you are using VenueOps to create your proposals and contracts, please use the workflow on the event details page to manage your event's contract status. Setting this from the calendar bypasses the workflow on the details page.).
  • The Revenue Detail Report will now show estimated revenue until the event is finalized. We also added a column to show if the event is finalized or not.
  • We've renamed the "Monthly Room Nights by Date Booked" to "Monthly Room Nights by Date Booked Definite" to be clearer about what information it contained.
  • We've updated time validation on all booking, function, item, and instruction sliders so that they are consistent. Some notes:
    • Booking start and end times may now match, although we don't recommend that - the space will not register as booked for the conflict checker.
    • Items and instructions do not require both a start and end time.
  • Functions without rooms now appear in the Function List view.


  • If you change a room or change a room's date on the event details > booking > spaces tab, you will now be prompted to update your rental rates. Once you do that, the rental rates tab will be updated with that information as well. Note that changing the room or date will not make any changes to the rental rate for that space - you will do that manually.
  • In places where you need to select a price schedule, if you don't have any we now provide a handy link to Company Settings where you can create one.
  • When you were adding space/dates to an existing event, searching for the event name only returned five results. We've upped that to 25 (although we do recommend naming your events as uniquely as possible!).
  • On the event order tab, it took two regenerations to remove the "items have changed" warning.
  • We've updated the Change Date/Time slider so the out-of-event-range warning pops up immediately.
  • If you are viewing the avails for a combo room, it will now include events booked directly on the combo, events booked in rooms which are members of the combo, and other combos which share member rooms.
  • On the Change Room slider, the room drop down is no longer shaded with conflicts; the status will update with conflicts once you've selected a room.
  • On the calendar summary slider, you are able to create and edit event summaries. The document editor could not be accessed properly on mobile so access to that has been disabled on mobile devices.
  • On Inquiries, the Add Space Requirements slider was listing one less day than the actual event span.
  • Users with a large number of roles (all roles assigned on seven or more venues) were logged out of Insights.
  • Headers and footers were not appearing in the document editor until they were clicked.
  • On some accounts, the day calendar view was skewed.
  • iCal fixes:
    • The contract status field was not feeding into the iCal field.
    • The iCal feed was only pulling in the first day of functions for multi-day events.
    • Function dates will now be included in the iCal feed.
  • Start and end times of 12 am were not showing on the Event List export.
  • In Firefox, the "Add Dates" link was not working in the Add Event and Add Series forms.
  • The Event List was showing incorrect times when some spaces were booked all day and some were booked for specific times.
  • Contracts were uploading twice, thus requiring two tries to remove them.
  • "Set Times for All" on the edit spaces slider on the summary slider was failing to update all the booked space times.
  • Users were unable to access a custom calendar view which included inactive rooms.
  • If you export a calendar which is colored by event type or space, the legend will now wrap.
  • On the "Merge Event Orders" tab, the event orders will now be listed in the same order as on the page.
  • Some roles by venue fixes:
    • A user with an Operations role on one venue and only Calendar Viewer on the other will no longer be able to download event orders from both venues.
    • The "Catering to be Assigned" list will only contain events on venues where you have the Director of Catering role.
    • The "Contracts to Approve" list will only contain contracts for events on venues where you have the Director of Sales role.
    • The "Unassigned Event Coordinators" list on the Overview page will now only contain events booked in the venue where the user has the Director of Events role.

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