Create Inventory Items

Permissions needed: Inventory & Prices > Edit

To create items in your inventory library:

  1. Click your name in the upper-left corner.
  2. Click Inventory & Prices.
  3. Click the category you would like to add your items to.
  4. In the category's slider, click the + add icon to open the Create Items slider.
  5. In the slider:
    1. Enter the name of your item.
    2. Select the units your item is counted by, such as each or per person.
      For directions on how to add or edit units, please see Manage Inventory Units.
      • Add a default quantity if you wish.
      • If this item's quantity should always be a whole number, select Round Up Quantity.
    3. Do you also need to track the number of hours or days this item will be used? If so, check Is Time Bound.
      • Select whether the item will be scheduled and/or billed hourly or daily.
      • Add a default time quantity if you wish. If you would like the time quantity to be calculated from either the function time or the item's time, leave the default quantity blank.
      • If this item's time quantity should always be a whole number, select Round Up Time Quantity.
    4. Enter the stock level of your item. (Optional)
      If an item has a stock level, you will receive an alert if you overbook an item on a day. For more information about stock levels, please see Real Time Stock Alerts.
    5. Add an item code. (Optional)
    6. If an item should be unbillable by default, check Unbillable. This can be changed on the event if needed.
    7. Add a default description (Optional). This will be added to the item's note when you add it to an event.
    8. Add a default billing note (Optional). This will be added to the item's billing note when you add it to an event.
  6. To add additional items, click Add Item. If you need to have more than one unit available for an item (such as per person and per event), add the item once for each unit.
  7. If you've added too many items, click the X icon to remove any you don't need.
  8. Once you've added all of your items, click Save.
    In order to add items to events, they must be added to a price schedule. Please see Add and Edit Pricing for Inventory Items and Packages.
  9. The items you've added will be listed on the category slider.
  10. You may set the order the items will display in within each category. Click the sort sort icon.
  11. Drag and drop your items to the order you want.
  12. Click Save.