How can I find my cancelled or lost events?

Most of the default views in VenueOps do not include events which are "inactive" — events which have been marked as cancelled or lost. You are able to easily find and view those events, though.

You can resetore an event that has been marked as cancelled or lost in error.

If you are searching for a specific inactive event, and you know its name or unique ID number, you can use the search.

  1. Click search Search on the left navigation pane to open the Search slider.
  2. In the slider, make sure Inactive is selected in the Filters field.
  3. You can now search by the event's name or ID number, and it will appear in search results.

View Inactive Events

If you're not sure of the name of an event but know when it was scheduled, or if you'd like to see lost and cancelled events over a time frame, you can update the filters on both the calendar and events list to include inactive events.

  1. Click the filter_list filter icon to open the Edit Filters slider.
  2. In the slider, make sure Inactive is selected in the Event Statuses field. If you wish to only view inactive events, be sure to deselect the other statuses.
  3. When you are done making changes to the filters, click Save. (For more information about filter options, please see Calendar Filtering Options and Creating a Custom Event List View.)
  4. If you'd like to refer to this view in the future, you can click the + add icon create a new view or the save save icon to save your updated filter settings to the current view. (For more information about creating custom views, please see Creating a Custom Calendar View and Creating a Custom Event List View.)

This method of finding inactive events is based on the dates the events were booked, not when they were marked as lost or cancelled. If your goal is to report on lost business - how many opportunities, value, reasons - we have a report for that in the Insights Library: Number of Lost and Canceled Events.